Simple and Effective Flat Cut Letters for Office Signage

Flat-Cut Letters

Interior signage is just as important as your exterior signage. It’s not just about getting your customers to walk through your doors; it’s also about ensuring that they have a seamless experience once they are inside your offices. When a client walks into your office, the first thing they’re looking for is a sign of recognition, like a logo sign or other office signage that connects to all exterior signage. Flat cut letters are an effective interior signage technique that can carry your exterior branding to the interior and make your clients feel welcome and informed.

Flat-Cut Letters
Flat cut letters make the ideal office signage solution for business owners looking to improve the flow of traffic within their buildings.

Flat-Cut Letters for Interior Office/Reception Signs

In our professional experience, flat cut letters are the most popular type of office signage for interior workspaces and reception areas. For a variety of factors, businesses choose to use these stylish signs throughout their interior spaces. These promotional benefits include:

  • Gains confidence and builds trust
  • Improves communication between you and your clients
  • Makes customers feel welcome and comfortable when they see signage they recognize
  • Using empty wall space as an opportunity to promote your brand
  • Directing the flow of customers within your business
  • Showing an improved dedication to professionalism through investment in high-quality office signage

These flat cut letters also provide a host of stylistic benefits over other types of signage. For instance, their subtle dimensions take these signs a few steps further than vinyl decals in terms of aesthetic appeal. You can also strategically place these signs to achieve improved contrast from surrounding areas and backdrops.

Looking to learn more about how signage experts can improve the branding of your business? Contact BSC Signs today for a comprehensive understanding of how we can produce the ideal office signage for you! Our website features a number of examples of previous signs that have been created by our expert team to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

BSC SIGNS is an award-winning full-service licensed sign contractor and custom fabricator based in Broomfield, Colorado. We design, build, and install signage for businesses and organizations in Denver Metro, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming. 

Illuminate the Way with Lighted Business Signage

World-Class Custom Neon Signs in Colorado

Illuminated business signs are more than just a super effective way to guide day and night, potential customers to your shop, restaurant, or business, while establishing your brand 24/7. Illuminated business signs can easily set the mood and create that perfect atmosphere for your customers and guests.

With the accurate combination of materials, colors, styles, shapes and dimensions, your illuminated business sign will catch your customers attention at the same time it inspires and welcomes potential customers to spend a nice evening at your place.

Illuminated signage comes in a wide range of styles, all very attractive and effective. Front lit channel letters, neon signs, cabinet signage, push thru, race way mounted, pole signs, monument and electronic signs are some of the most popular types of lit signage out there.  How do you decide which is the one for your business? At BSC Signs, we have been working with all sorts of signage and illuminated projects for decades, and we have learned that there is no rule of thumb when it comes to the designing of an accurate and effective business sign.

lit monument signs

At BSC Signs, we carefully study our customers’ needs, goals and business essence in order to come up with the best signage solution for each one of them. Our professional, skilled and talented staff has allowed us to go even further from directing your potential customers to your business, and completely transform a lobby, office or any room into an elegant, comfortable and welcoming space.

Making the right choice

It is important in order to succeed with the selection of your illuminated business signage, to consider its purpose and location. These elements can provide useful information to designers so they can consider any visually impaired or negative elements that could affect the legibility and visibility of your signage.

Other important considerations are the elements and weather conditions it might be facing. Rain, snow and other weather elements can easily wear your business in no time, therefore considering these facts can help determine the correct materials for your signage.

When it comes to illuminated signs or projects, imagination is the limit, so it is important to know what you want and need in order to achieve success. Contact BSC Signs and learn more about illuminated signage and how we can provide the best solutions for your projects.

A Brand New Business Sign for a 2018 Fresh Start

Sign installation in Colorado

The New Year brings motivation and high hopes to people. Nothing compares to the feeling of a fresh start. Most of us set new projects and achievements to conquer in the new cycle that is beginning. We all share the same feeling that it is the right time.

When it comes to business purposes, it is an amazing time to launch new products, services, or start a new project, and with the perfect business sign, you are telling your customers that you are in the same wave they are. You will be saying; That’s right! We feel it too, and we are ready to come along in that fresh new journey with you.

Of course, designing, building and installing an effective business sign is not that easy, and requires going over several steps in order to send the right message to the correct target audience, at all times. This way you will be able to establish your brand while catching new potential customers.

plan your signs with the best
Research is essential to succeed.

A professional sign company will always focus on the essence of your business, products and services, before hitting the creative room. This is because; your business sign should convey and display the soul of your business. People must be able to immediately recognize your brand as soon as they see your business sign.

Try to think about what you and your business stand for. Consider what are your goals, mission and policies. Also, consider the kind of products or services you provide. This information is useful when it comes to designing your business image, and a designer will be able to select the best shapes, colors, typographies and other vital elements for your business sign.

Other important elements to consider are the size and location of your brand new business sign. Depending on where is it going to be placed, professional signage installers can select the best location for optimal effectiveness. Professionals can combine the amount of people, the time they spend passing by, if they are walking or driving, then decide the proper size your signage should be. Remember people should be able to see, recognize and understand your message in a blink of an eye.

Once, you have been able to go over these first and vital steps, you will be ready to provide that fresh new image for your business and boost your income this 2018. For decades, at BSC Signs, we have been helping people achieve their dreams and goals and we are here to help you too. Learn here everything you need to know about your signage project, from designing to permits, and let the new times role.

Introducing BSC Enclosures: Encasing your digital display

Introducing BSC Enclosures

At BSC Signs, we’re always looking for new opportunities to better serve our customers. Today, were announcing our new line to help display your digital communications.

BSC Enclosures, a new division of BSC Signs, will include custom enclosures for digital signage displays, as well as interactive touch screen kiosks.

View the full product line at

Heres what youll get with BSC Enclosures:

Competitive pricing and lead times: Our experience along with the latest design and fabrication processes has driven increased precision, repeatability, and lower costs. Our Lean Manufacturing techniques give you better lead times for short runs and mass production, resulting in high levels of customer service.

Leading industry methods: BSC Signs designs and manufactures signs and custom architectural projects using leading edge methods, including laser cut steel, CNC metal bending and powder coating.

History of service, modern technology: We’ve been in business since 1999 and have a 21,500 sq. ft. facility with modern equipment, highly skilled 3D designers, fabricators and painters.

Industry expertise: This new division is led by industry veteran Byron Frizell. Byron grew up in his familys sign business and branched out on his own in 1998. After selling his successful sign business, Byron worked for a local company for nearly 10 years and recognized the growing demand for enclosures in the hospitality, education and transportation industries. We’d also like to welcome Lisa Scott, who has joined BSC Enclosures as a project coordinator. Lisa has extensive experience in the sign and enclosure industry.

We’re excited about this new opportunity to serve you. We have nearly 20 years in the custom sign industry, so our Enclosures team has quickly transitioned from planning to production. We’d love to tell you more. Contact Byron at [email protected].


John Dobie

Founder and President/CEO, BSC Signs