Art Structures and Sculptures to Enhance Brand Identity

Your brand’s identity will tell potential customers what they can expect from your product or service, but it can also be used to help guide your in-house team members and reinforce the core values of your brand. Branding with custom art structures can help convey an atmosphere that aligns with your brand and business goals, as well as serve as inspiration for future projects and designs. Here are some of the best ways to use art structures and sculptures to create your brand identity.

What are Architectural Sculptures

Boost your brand/logo identity with an Architectural sculpture.

Architectural sculptures are 3D sculptures of your brand/logo. They are a creative way to publicly display your brand in a more interesting way than traditional signage. They create intrigue. It is a great idea for business owners looking for an advertising solution that is more creative than the traditional sign. These sculptures can also be used to create one-of-a-kind pieces for collectors, businesses, or events. With sculptures becoming so popular as a form of art, it should come as no surprise that it has found its way into branding. It’s not just big brands like Apple who want their logos represented visually; smaller companies want to show off their creativity too. 

Why Use Architectural Sculptures 

Sculpture has long been used as an art form but now it is being used by brands to identify themselves with something different and unique. A sculptured logo displays character in addition to the usual rectangle or square we have all become accustomed to.

Use Oversized Art Structures

The new global economy is all about making your business stand out. You want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to get your product noticed by customers. That’s where art structures come in handy. Not only are they a great way to create space for larger-than-life pieces, but they also offer the opportunity for customer engagement through interactive features like benches, climbing walls, and more. These features will help your business stand out from the competition because customers will want to be photographed next to these attractions! In addition, these pieces are often large enough that they can be seen from afar which is perfect if you want potential customers driving or walking past your building on their way into town.

The Dynamic Effects of Channel Letters for Building Facades

Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Innovations in printing technology and sign crafting make it possible to customize any sign to replicate your exact brand style and identity. Of all the exterior business signs, channel letters are the most effective and dynamic. Channel letters incorporate all the elements that make signs pop and demand attention – a 3D effect, custom fonts and colors, and, of course, lighting!  Channel letter signs are the trifecta of business signs.

Tips for Using Channel Letters and Lighted Signs

Channel Letters

The improved functionality and versatility that channel letters provide only become relevant if you design with these things in mind: location, brand identity, color matching, and lighting style. The sign needs to look good both in the daytime and at night, and it needs to frame your building façade perfectly to make a professional and exciting impression on consumers. When you put time, effort, and thought into the design, you will appear more confident in your brand, which will make consumers feel more confident supporting your business.


Depending on the positioning of your building, the material of its façade, and the buildings in the surrounding area, your wall sign can be created using channel letters to catch the eyes of bypassing pedestrians and commuters alike. The visibility of these letters is increased because they stick out from the wall and create shadows that accentuate the contrast. To make the most out of your sign, make sure that you incorporate colors and shades that stand out from the rest of the noise.

LED lighted signs make your illuminated channel letters show up in the daytime and in the nighttime.

Night Time

Illuminated channel letters light up the night with a comforting and inviting glow. There’s nothing more comforting than seeing a familiar brand highlighted with the glow of channel letters. It won’t just draw more attention to your brand but will be a part of enhancing the ambiance of the city atmosphere. Just like a movie screen captures attention in a dark room, lighted signs stand out in the dark of night, creating an enticing effect. 

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Custom Lighting Fixtures to Boost the Customer Experience

What to Look For In a Sign Company

Here’s a bright idea to make your customer experience more encompassing: custom lighting. Custom lighting fixtures can shine a whole new light on your brand. Primarily, it will help make your place of business more memorable. Lighting is like a comforting blanket that envelops the customer when they enter your business, setting the right mood and tone for their customer journey.  

Think of custom lighting as an interior branding solution of the non-traditional variety; it will make your business stand out. 

Considerations for custom lighting fixtures 

There are several things to think about before designing custom lighting. Here are some of the things you need to consider. 

Qatar Light Fixture
Custom lighting fixtures are functional art that elevates the interior vibe of your establishment and customer enjoyment.


Where is your light fixture going to be? Will it hang from the ceiling in the main reception area? Will it be placed over a conference room table? Or would you rather have it mounted on the wall? Wherever you decide to place your new statement lighting piece, it needs to work with the rest of the space. This means it should be designed in consideration of the surrounding colors, the building’s architecture, and the feel you’re aiming to achieve. It doesn’t necessarily have to match, but it should look intentional — not like an afterthought. 

Type of Light

Custom light fixtures can be created for accent lighting, mood lighting, or task lighting. The function should always play a part in the design. Once you know the purpose of the light, you can start to get creative.

Do you want a glamorous hanging chandelier from the Victorian age? Or would you prefer a nod to the modernist movement? Traditional? Avant-Garde? Minimalist? Maximalist? Architectural Monument? You don’t need to know exactly what you want right away; begin with an idea of the look you’re going for and explore from here. The custom lighting fixture should be a functional statement piece that finds a balance between elevating the interior design of your establishment and carries unique traits that reflect your brand.


The type of industry your business is in can help narrow down your style, materials, and design choices.

Lighting Matters

Lighting does far more than provide illumination. It can be used to create ambiance, set expectations, and enhance the customer experience. The right custom light fixture can help brighten your business outlook by giving your customers an enlightening experience. 

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BSC SIGNS is an award-winning full-service licensed sign contractor and custom fabricator based in Broomfield, Colorado. We design, build, and install signage for businesses and organizations in Denver Metro, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming.