Sign Design & Layout

From a doodle on a napkin to professionally created art in electronic format, we can help create hard hitting, effective signage. BSC Signs has been helping Colorado businesses and organizations from Denver and Aspen to Pueblo and Cheyenne realize their goals since 1999.


Our seasoned and creative staff and engineers are skilled in sign design and layout. They understand that a sign is the most direct identifying asset to everyone who passes your business. The importance of a thoughtful and attractive sign design cannot be underestimated.
Sign Design & Layout
BSC Signs is in the business of making you look good, and it’s what our designers live for! We employ a team of designers—with backgrounds in graphic design and industrial design—that have the highest knowledge of signage and environmental branding.

After a thorough needs analysis meeting we decide on the most effective and economical sign system to fit both your needs and your budget. We align our sign design to support your company’s success taking into account all aspects of the project including color, typography, visibility, placement, size, materials, zoning, and the best installation methods. Every one of our designers understands the fabrication and installation processes, but if they have questions we meet as a team to discuss solutions. This process means that we’ll never come back to you and say, “sorry, we can’t build your sign the way you expected,” or, “sorry, we can’t install the sign we built for you!”

For our clients, we take it even further before any production begins. BSC Signs provides our clients with top-notch designs that include a rendering of how your sign will look mounted on site or on your building before manufacturing begins so you know exactly what to expect. We also give you all the details you need to understand the materials and options chosen for your signage projects.

When the need arises, we can also produce 3D designs, and we always make sure to provide them as PDFs so that anyone can open and view them. 3D renderings allow you to spin around the sign, zoom in and out, and gain a better understanding of what the sign will look like from all angles. This is especially useful when working with Architectural Review Committees that will scrutinize every detail of your signage.