Code & Permitting

BSC Signs is licensed in over 60 Colorado Cities—including the entire Denver Metro area—so don’t be surprised to see us around the state! West to Vail, East past Aurora, North into Wyoming, and South to Pueblo, BSC Signs is covering the Rocky Mountains with signage!

Every city has its own sign code associated with it, and within that, different zoning areas have their own code requirements. BSC Signs is familiar with each cities codes and uses them during the design process to ensure we don’t create a sign that gets denied by the city.

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In some cites (like Denver, for example) there are also special Architectural Districts in addition to sign codes. These Architectural Districts also have their own sign codes along with a Design Review Committee that reviews and approves sign submissions, even before they can go to the city for permitting!

This can add a big hurdle to a signage project, given that these committees generally meet once a month, and their focus is on design and aesthetics, not just the size allowance like permitting, but BSC is experienced in dealing with them and can help you!

For those installing signs outside of Colorado, BSC Signs maintains a network of great local sign companies in states around the country. These are companies that we trust to handle our permitting and installs, so you can feel confident that you’re in good hands.

BSC Signs is a full-service sign company, and part of that is our dedication to making the permitting process as easy as possible for our clients.