The Dynamic Effects of Channel Letters for Building Facades

Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Innovations in printing technology and sign crafting make it possible to customize any sign to replicate your exact brand style and identity. Of all the exterior business signs, channel letters are the most effective and dynamic. Channel letters incorporate all the elements that make signs pop and demand attention – a 3D effect, custom fonts and colors, and, of course, lighting!  Channel letter signs are the trifecta of business signs.

Tips for Using Channel Letters and Lighted Signs

Channel Letters

The improved functionality and versatility that channel letters provide only become relevant if you design with these things in mind: location, brand identity, color matching, and lighting style. The sign needs to look good both in the daytime and at night, and it needs to frame your building façade perfectly to make a professional and exciting impression on consumers. When you put time, effort, and thought into the design, you will appear more confident in your brand, which will make consumers feel more confident supporting your business.


Depending on the positioning of your building, the material of its façade, and the buildings in the surrounding area, your wall sign can be created using channel letters to catch the eyes of bypassing pedestrians and commuters alike. The visibility of these letters is increased because they stick out from the wall and create shadows that accentuate the contrast. To make the most out of your sign, make sure that you incorporate colors and shades that stand out from the rest of the noise.

LED lighted signs make your illuminated channel letters show up in the daytime and in the nighttime.

Night Time

Illuminated channel letters light up the night with a comforting and inviting glow. There’s nothing more comforting than seeing a familiar brand highlighted with the glow of channel letters. It won’t just draw more attention to your brand but will be a part of enhancing the ambiance of the city atmosphere. Just like a movie screen captures attention in a dark room, lighted signs stand out in the dark of night, creating an enticing effect. 

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Make your business sign look brand new again this 2018

A New Year! On the air, flows that great feeling of a positive vibe, motivation in people’s New Year’s resolutions and a sense that everything is possible with a fresh start. No better time to boost your business, and no better way to do it with a brand new commercial signage.

However, a new business signage requires time and money in order to develop an effective design that will display your brand and message in the best and most creative way possible, so it strikes right into people’s memory. Therefore, a good option is to fix that old signage and make it look brand new again.

Even a small burned light bulb could spoil your whole corporate image, displaying a poor brand identity. Nonetheless, in hands of an expert, your signage can look as good as new. BSC Signs provides quick and efficient sign repair services for the Denver Metro area and throughout the entire state of Colorado.

Whether you need electric sign repair, neon sign repair, electronic message center repair, or LED sign repair, our precise and industrious sign professional technicians have the experience and training to fix any issue your sign may be facing.

Regular maintenance

Regular signage maintenance
Boost your signage lifespan

Time will eventually wear your signage, besides the fierceness of Colorado’s weather that also takes a toll on your signage. Nonetheless, with the proper maintenance, you can reduce the damage bill and even expand your sign’s lifespan.

Perform a routine check at least once every three months. Look for any signs of damages, color fading, stains or dents. As soon as you take care of any issue the easier it will be to fix it. However, your best option is to hire a professional sign company to run these maintenance routines. At BSC Signs, we know and understand that an inoperable sign is useless to everyone, so we focus in providing the best services available and we make sure to get the job done right and quickly.

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