Channel Letter Sign

They’re a great choice for a bold impression.

Why go with a Channel Letter sign? They’re very popular with our customers these days, and for good reason. They’re beautiful to look at, are highly visible both day and night, are energy efficient, and allow for some wonderfully creative 3D designs. They are found on building exteriors, as well as inside many high end malls. The bottom line is that Channel Letter signs are an excellent choice for many businesses.


Here are a few details about Channel Letter signs, so you can be more informed when you talk to our sign team.

A Channel Letter sign is made of individually constructed 3D letters and shapes. The letters are crafted by BSC Signs metal fabricators in our Metro Denver facility.  Aluminum is the preferred material for Channel Letter signs as it will not rust. The letters vary in depth from 2” to 6” inches or more, depending on the overall size of the sign. The face of each letter is capped with a translucent plastic material.

Firehouse Subs Channel Letter Sign

This type of sign uses high-efficiency LED lighting. The LEDs are mounted inside each letter and provide bright, even illumination. For daytime viewing, the channel letters are highly visible, while at night they really stand out.

Once the letters and shapes are ready, they are usually first mounted on a panel, although it’s possible to mount individual channel letters directly on an exterior wall. The designer may add other elements and accents to complete the overall look of the sign.

The faces of the letters can include various colors, with white being a popular choice. The letters can also have additional design elements, as you can see in the City Smiles sign we installed in Denver. Our sign designers can create custom shapes using the same techniques used to form the letters. The building shape in the City Smiles sign is a good example.

City Smiles Dentistry Channel Letter Sign


The Reverse Channel sign adds a beautiful, dramatic twist to this sign theme. Instead of directly illuminating the front of each letter, the light is directed towards the back, which is left open. Light spills onto the back panel or wall, creating a beautiful halo of light that surrounds each letter.

BSC ChanLetter E


The letters in Reverse Channel signs are capped with aluminum and often painted black, so that all of the light is directed to the back. The dark letters create the contrast needed to achieve the glow effect.

If you live in Metro Denver, you can see the Reverse Channel sign we created for Unser Racing. It’s located along U.S. Hwy 36 near the I-25 interchange, close to downtown. You can’t miss it, as it’s visible from a long way off at night!

Unser Racing Sign in Denver

These photos show one of our BSC Signs fabricators making a large Reverse Channel letter. Notice how the front of the letter has been capped with aluminum.  

Making a channel letter

Making a channel letter

And in the two photos below we have a big Reverse Channel sign that’s all done and ready for one of our install teams. Notice that the letters each have brackets for mounting directly to a wall. The back of each letter also has a clear plastic cover to keep out the elements.

Large Reverse Channel Letter Sign

Interior photo of a Reverse Channel Letter sign



One of the main benefits in choosing a channel letter sign is that we can recreate the design elements of your corporate identity. With our precision metalworking equipment and hand-crafted designs, we can match your font and logo, and create a bright, bold, 3D sign. 

BSC RevCL Agave

Some benefits of Channel Letter signs:

  • Durable, long-lasting, and low maintenance
  • LEDs stay bright and efficient even during cold Colorado winters
  • Excellent visibility at night
  • Gives you an advantage over the competition
  • Allows for many design options
  • Low power use – environmentally friendly
  • LEDs use low voltage DC power
  • Highly visible at a distance, day or night
  • Popular sign style for national brands — makes your company look larger than it is

If you’re considering a Channel Letter sign, our team can produce illustrations that will show how the sign will look at your location. And as part of our fast and efficient Quote process, we’ll visit your site, check your local sign codes, and give you an accurate estimate of costs. Please take a look through the photos of our completed projects in our Photo Gallery.

It’s also a good idea to take a look at some of these signs in person, especially at night. We can direct you to the locations of nearby businesses where you can take a look for yourself at some Channel Letter signs we have installed.

Have questions? We have answers! Request A Quote or give us a call anytime at 303-464-0644.

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