Tips for a long lasting banner

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Banners are affordable options to effectively display your brand and corporate image. You can use them basically anywhere, from the inside of your office or building lobby, to outdoor advertising, or taking them with you to trade shows or special events.

Banners are so useful and effective that it is common for business owners to search for ways to keep them nice, shiny and looking brand-new. Nonetheless, banners take a lot of beating and they will eventually wear out. At BSC Signs, we know first-hand how rough time and weather can be on banners, therefore today we would like to share with you some handy tips   to keep your business image banner displays at their best for a long time.

Taking care of your banner

In order to take care of your business banner so it lasts and continues to look good, is important to use it. A stocked banner will eventually wear out faster than one hanging on display. Make sure to weave your rope or string in and out of the banner, similar to sewing. This ensures no area is bearing all the weight and wind. If your banner is set outdoors you should clean it with soap and water at least every 3 months.

Once done displaying your banner, it is important to clean it before storing it, even though it doesn’t look that dirty. Give it a quick cleansing with soap and water and make sure it is completely dry before storing it.

Carefully roll your banner with the lettering and printing out. Never fold it, as this will cause creases and could lead to peeling. Poor storage or cleaning practices can cause premature deterioration of otherwise high-quality vinyl banners. These tips can help you properly  maintain your vinyl banner, keeping it in the best possible condition. If you have any further questions regarding custom banners and their maintenance, contact BSC Signs at any time and we will gladly help you with your banner or signage issues.

A Brand New Business Sign for a 2018 Fresh Start

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The New Year brings motivation and high hopes to people. Nothing compares to the feeling of a fresh start. Most of us set new projects and achievements to conquer in the new cycle that is beginning. We all share the same feeling that it is the right time.

When it comes to business purposes, it is an amazing time to launch new products, services, or start a new project, and with the perfect business sign, you are telling your customers that you are in the same wave they are. You will be saying; That’s right! We feel it too, and we are ready to come along in that fresh new journey with you.

Of course, designing, building and installing an effective business sign is not that easy, and requires going over several steps in order to send the right message to the correct target audience, at all times. This way you will be able to establish your brand while catching new potential customers.

plan your signs with the best
Research is essential to succeed.

A professional sign company will always focus on the essence of your business, products and services, before hitting the creative room. This is because; your business sign should convey and display the soul of your business. People must be able to immediately recognize your brand as soon as they see your business sign.

Try to think about what you and your business stand for. Consider what are your goals, mission and policies. Also, consider the kind of products or services you provide. This information is useful when it comes to designing your business image, and a designer will be able to select the best shapes, colors, typographies and other vital elements for your business sign.

Other important elements to consider are the size and location of your brand new business sign. Depending on where is it going to be placed, professional signage installers can select the best location for optimal effectiveness. Professionals can combine the amount of people, the time they spend passing by, if they are walking or driving, then decide the proper size your signage should be. Remember people should be able to see, recognize and understand your message in a blink of an eye.

Once, you have been able to go over these first and vital steps, you will be ready to provide that fresh new image for your business and boost your income this 2018. For decades, at BSC Signs, we have been helping people achieve their dreams and goals and we are here to help you too. Learn here everything you need to know about your signage project, from designing to permits, and let the new times role.