Environmental Graphic Design for Interior and Exterior Branding

Environmental Graphic Design for Business Signs

Great graphic design will have both motion and emotion. When branding a business, it is important to remember that branding should flow with your location and bring out your brand personality. There is an art to great interior branding. Environmental graphic design is a technique that plays with space and dimension, using colors and texture and your physical location to add dimension and breathe life into your brand. 

Exterior Branding

Exterior branding should set the tone and be the nexus from which all other branding derives. If your interior and exterior branding doesn’t match tone and style, you create a confusing disconnect to consumers. 

environmental graphic design
This sign for Civic Center Plaza is the perfect example of how environmental graphic design will enhance the overall impact of the sign.

A consistent visual from sign to sign, graphic to graphic, inspires confidence and trust.  Great branding should build positive associations with your brand, and visual and emotional consistency is key. 

Interior Branding

Regardless of your industry, interior branding is an essential aspect of creating a great client experience. Interior branding is more than just peppering your logo and slogan all over the office; it’s about creating an ambiance, setting the right tone, and managing client expectations from the moment they arrive.

We often use environmental graphic design when creating large sculptural and architectural signs, but the concept is easily applied to interior branding to great effect.

Environmental Graphic Design

How your signs and graphics flow with your physical location and environment affects your impact on consumers. The art of great signs and graphics is to realize your brand identity in physical form and give it energy and motion. The art of environmental graphic design incorporates architecture, artistry, texture, dimensions, colors, and lighting to capture the essence of your brand and enhance the consumer experience. 

Functional Art

Take charge of the consumer experience with custom interior branding solutions. Work with our team on custom signs and graphics that carry your brand personality and serve as functional art providing essential information and directions to consumers. 

All signs and graphics should be multifunctional and purposeful, consistent in tone, style, and messaging.

Incorporate Environmental Graphic Design Into Business Signs and Graphics

Our team will help you find the right balance of creativity and functionality, delivering signs and graphics with a strong brand identity and clear brand message. 

Do you want to infuse your business with brand personality? Get in touch to talk to a member of our team about your project!

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