A Pole Sign Boosts Visibility And Your Brand Profile

Pole Signs

A pole sign can raise your brand profile, literally and figuratively. Whether you’re located in a high-traffic area, rural area, or housed on a large piece of property, the pole sign can be custom fitted to suit your situation. Their versatility and cost-effectiveness make the pole sign a highly attractive solution for any business.

Reasons To Choose A Pole Sign

In places where you are competing for attention with other businesses nearby, the pole sign can lift your brand and get you the recognition and awareness to drive traffic and increase sales. 

Custom Pole Signs
At 25-feet, this is our biggest pole sign yet!

Because a pole sign is a free-standing cabinet sign that sits atop a pole, it becomes a much more efficient solution to fit small spaces while still having a big presence. 

On the flip side, in more rural areas or when your business sits on a large piece of property, a pole sign can signal to motorists from a distance, like a beacon that attracts and guides consumers to your location.


Many clients are trying to decide between the two most popular free-standing signs – a monument sign vs. a pole sign. In terms of cost, the pole sign is much easier on your budget compared to the more structurally and architecturally complex monument sign.

In terms of visibility? Well, nothing quite beats the pole sign.

Increase Visibility

Regardless of location, the pole sign significantly increases visibility. The large double-sided cabinet sign raised up offers an unobstructed view of your brand and logo from every direction. 

With LED illumination, the pole sign can boast 360-degree visibility 24/7. Not many signs can say that!

Placement and Permitting

Unless we’re installing the pole sign near an easement, special permitting is not required in most cases. This is also an attractive quality of a pole sign. In many situations, the city may require a pole sign, rather than another type of sign, so it is an easier process to get started.

Before we start the installation and dig, we always do our due diligence and make the right calls to the city to ensure the installation won’t disrupt any power or water lines. 

Most cities require the sign to sit at least 10′ back from the property line. It’s important for the pole sign to have a little space and some room to maximize visibility. You also have to consider the installation requirements.

There has to be room for our team to hydro-power a hole for the pole that tends to be between 2-4′ wide and 3-10′ deep.  Our initial site survey will give us better clarity about the size and scope of the project, and we’ll be able to provide informed guidance on the best steps forward for your custom pole sign

Customizing Your Pole Sign

The size of the pole sign should be proportionate to your location and your business. While we understand the desire to go as big as possible, you also want the sign to look good and make a great impression. 

Suppose a pole sign is comically large compared to your small business or comically small next to a giant warehouse, parking lot, or corporate campus. In that case, it will feel unnatural, which will affect the way consumers view your business.

We’ve fabricated custom pole signs that vary in size from 10′ to our most recent pole sign project – a 25′ pole sign with LED lighting incorporated into the cabinet signs. 

It’s all about balance and proportions, and we’ll help you find that sweet spot. 

Get A Custom Pole Sign For Your Colorado Business

If you’re wondering if a pole sign is right for your business, talk to our fabrication and design team about your vision, requirements, and objectives. We’ll give you unbiased and professional advice. 

Contact BSC!

Custom Sign Fabrication To Reinforce Your Brand

Custom Sign Fabrication for Black Hawk Tramway Project

Branding is part of every decision we make, from our personal brand, business brand, and even our local city brand. Creating an aesthetic that resonates with the values and personalities of your target audience, residents, and tourists are good for business and can positively influence the reputation of your entire city or town. Local businesses, landmarks, and attractions need to flow with the style and tone of the city. Custom sign fabrication allows your brand to shine through and create visual cohesion with the local land and cityscape.

Custom Sign Fabrication

You can fabricate custom signs to bring highlight your town’s history, draw attention to important landmarks, and create a rich, signature look that compliments your town. Whether you’re looking to add directories or wayfinding signs to improve the flow and function of historic landmarks, public outdoor spaces, city projects, or private ventures, finding the appropriate aesthetic to reinforce your brand is crucial.

Custom Sign Fabricatin for Winding Park Path
We helped design and custom fabricate multiple signs for Stepping Stone Community in Parker, CO. These signs are made from 1″ thick laser-cut steel with a Japanese brown faux rust finish.

Wayfinding Signs and Directories

Our team loves to tell a story through signs, finding the right style, materials, and aesthetics. Signs should be informative and have personality and add value to the environment. 

Wayfinding signs and directories, as well as other free-standing signs, are fully customizable, from the style of posts your use to frame the panel sign and the graphics created for the panel. 

Environmental Graphics

Environmental graphics are any signs and graphics that transform their environment and create a strong brand identity. Each sign and graphic should tell a story and create emotional connections with the public beyond simply providing information or directions. 

Architectural elements are also considered in every design to compliment the local architecture, city skyline, or Colorado’s classic mountain ridges and natural scenery. 

Reinforce Your Brand With Custom Sign Fabrication

Whether you need custom signs and graphics to elevate your town or city brand or compliment the local surroundings and environment, our design and fabrication team can help from idea to installation. 

We’ll help you find the right style to reinforce an existing brand aesthetic and weave your brand aesthetic into the local landscape with environmental graphics and architectural design.

BSC SIGNS is an award-winning full-service licensed sign contractor and custom fabricator based in Broomfield, Colorado. We design, build, and install signage for businesses and organizations in Denver Metro, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming. 

Environmental Graphic Design for Interior and Exterior Branding

Environmental Graphic Design for Business Signs

Great graphic design will have both motion and emotion. When branding a business, it is important to remember that branding should flow with your location and bring out your brand personality. There is an art to great interior branding. Environmental graphic design is a technique that plays with space and dimension, using colors and texture and your physical location to add dimension and breathe life into your brand. 

Exterior Branding

Exterior branding should set the tone and be the nexus from which all other branding derives. If your interior and exterior branding doesn’t match tone and style, you create a confusing disconnect to consumers. 

environmental graphic design
This sign for Civic Center Plaza is the perfect example of how environmental graphic design will enhance the overall impact of the sign.

A consistent visual from sign to sign, graphic to graphic, inspires confidence and trust.  Great branding should build positive associations with your brand, and visual and emotional consistency is key. 

Interior Branding

Regardless of your industry, interior branding is an essential aspect of creating a great client experience. Interior branding is more than just peppering your logo and slogan all over the office; it’s about creating an ambiance, setting the right tone, and managing client expectations from the moment they arrive.

We often use environmental graphic design when creating large sculptural and architectural signs, but the concept is easily applied to interior branding to great effect.

Environmental Graphic Design

How your signs and graphics flow with your physical location and environment affects your impact on consumers. The art of great signs and graphics is to realize your brand identity in physical form and give it energy and motion. The art of environmental graphic design incorporates architecture, artistry, texture, dimensions, colors, and lighting to capture the essence of your brand and enhance the consumer experience. 

Functional Art

Take charge of the consumer experience with custom interior branding solutions. Work with our team on custom signs and graphics that carry your brand personality and serve as functional art providing essential information and directions to consumers. 

All signs and graphics should be multifunctional and purposeful, consistent in tone, style, and messaging.

Incorporate Environmental Graphic Design Into Business Signs and Graphics

Our team will help you find the right balance of creativity and functionality, delivering signs and graphics with a strong brand identity and clear brand message. 

Do you want to infuse your business with brand personality? Get in touch to talk to a member of our team about your project!

BSC SIGNS is an award-winning full-service licensed sign contractor and custom fabricator based in Broomfield, Colorado. We design, build, and install signage for businesses and organizations in Denver Metro, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming. 

World-Class Custom Neon Signs in Colorado

neon channel letters in Colorado

24/7 Visibility with Premium Neon Signs

When a custom neon sign is made by real professionals using high-end technology, it is one of the most attractive signage solutions you can implement to captivate your potential customer’s attention, thanks to its vividness. To get the most out of your neon sign, you need to hire a well-known sign company that has the right equipment and staff to get the job done. BSC Signs is on the cutting edge and pushing the limits of neon sign design, and our skilled craftsmen have the experience to conceptualize, build, and install the most amazing neon signs in Colorado.

With custom made neon signs, your imagination is the limit, and your signage will be visible seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We can incorporate neon to many different types of signs, including Channel Letters, Monuments, Blade Signs, and Cabinets.

Neon sign created by BSC Signs

What is Neon and How Does It Work  

Neon is a glass tube filled with an inert gas that illuminates when electricity passes through it. Two gases are commonly used: neon, which lights up with a fiery red, and argon, which shines with a bright blue color. Because the glass tube is clear, the characteristic colors emitted by the gas can be seen from the exterior.

For additional hues, fluorescent powders can be painted -or baked- on the inside walls of the glass tube. This way, the light can be transformed into multiple colors such as orange, pink, turquoise, blue, and green; and if the mixture of elements is rearranged, even more subtle differences are possible. As an example, white light can have different color temperatures, ranging from warm to cool.

Types of Neon Signs

We use neon in sign designs in a variety of ways. Our project gallery has many examples of neon signs that we’ve created at BSC Signs.

Exposed neon can be placed within 3D channel letters. It gives a vivid glow to the sign. Here’s an example of exposed neon that adds a nice punch to a monument sign.

An example of exposed neon

Blade signs project from buildings, and can benefit from the use of neon. Sometimes only a neon accent or outline is added, but there’s nothing quite like a full on custom neon sign!

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar
Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar – Aurora, Colorado

Here’s a neon element that is part of a larger sign. The yellow symbol at the left uses exposed neon to give a unique accent to the sign.

Neon or LED channel letters
Neon accent for a brewing company sign

We design neon signs to be highly visible during the day as well. While neon stands out with that magical glow at night, neon signs must be equally effective during daylight hours.

Neon signs
Custom neon signage for a Denver restaurant

Contact Us Today to Be Seen with Class and Style

BSC Signs has been designed and installed custom neon signs for Colorado companies for years. Neon has seen a huge resurgence in recent years, and has become popular once again.

Bova’s Frozen Custard – Boulder, Colorado

Contact us so we can start working on your custom neon signage project, or browse our website to learn more about the different signage products that we offer, and request a free quote so that we can schedule an appointment and help your business shine with one-of-a-kind signs in Colorado.

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