An EMC sign can increase sales and keep your customers engaged with your business. Not only do EMC signs act as advertisements that help new customers find you, but they also offer something to repeat customers who come back again and again. Here are just some of the benefits of an EMC sign that make it worth getting for any business, from restaurants to grocery stores to hardware stores.

What are the Benefits of an EMC Sign?

Electronic Message Centers (EMC) signs can help businesses engage with customers in real time.

Electronic Message Centers (EMC) signs can help businesses engage with customers in real-time, right outside their storefront. These benefits are lost when a business relies solely on static advertising. For example, a static billboard may showcase one service or product but the opportunity for additional marketing is not possible. If you have an EMC sign set up next to your storefront and use it regularly, you can entice potential customers with offers relevant to their interests and location.

Update Message Easily

One advantage to installing an EMC sign is the ease in which you can change messages. If you have urgent news, or want to send out a promotion on a slow day, you can easily update your sign from anywhere. Messages can be tailored and personalized to your local clients. How you communicate with people on their way to work is going to be different than how you communicate with people coming home from work and even the nighttime crowd.

Affordable and Easy to Maintain

An EMC sign might cost less than you think, and require far less maintenance than a traditional LED or neon displays. In addition to that, it will last longer because its design make it much more resistant to damage. EMC signs are highly rated for outdoor use, making them perfect for storefronts and businesses in high-traffic areas.

Why Choose BSC Signs

We believe in EMC signs so much that we installed one at our shop to show off its capabilities! The best part, our receptionist can control the display remotely, customizing a welcome greeting for visiting guests. For more information on how we can design and manufacture the best EMC signs, contact us with your specific signage needs. We offer the best, high-quality signs and fabricate them per your requirements and budget.

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