Environmental Graphics Improve the Customer Experience

Environmental graphics can be an excellent tool to improve your customer experience. They are used in numerous places throughout the business world, and they help give your customers direction as well as enhance their shopping experience by helping to set the scene and providing them with information. But how can you get the most out of your environmental graphics?

Create Better Customer Experience

Environmental graphics are the use of signs and visual images to communicate messages.

Environmental graphics are a key component in creating a better customer experience. By using graphics, businesses can communicate their message more effectively and efficiently. Additionally, environmental graphics can help businesses guide customers through their space, making it easier for them to find what they are looking for. In short, environmental graphics can make a big difference in the customer experience. They not only help with the presentation of your products or services but also improve the navigability of your location. With these benefits, environmental graphics are an integral part of any business’s success strategy.

Boost Brand Perception

In a world where first impressions are everything, businesses need to be extra careful about the way their physical space is designed. Environmental graphics are one way to do this. By definition, environmental graphics are the use of signs and visual images to communicate messages about the environment in which they are seen. In other words, they are a form of wayfinding that can guide customers and help them feel more comfortable in your space. But that’s not all – environmental graphics can also be used to improve brand perception.

Impactful Role in Marketing

Environmental graphics can help to brand a space and make it more memorable. Good environmental graphics should be well-designed and thoughtfully placed. They should also be appropriate for the type of business and audience. Contact BSC Signs to get yours today!

Proper Signage Maintenance Will Help Your Business Thrive

Signage is an important part of any business, regardless of its size or industry. A lot of businesses believe that if their customers can’t see their signage, it doesn’t matter how it looks; however, the opposite couldn’t be further from the truth! Signage shapes your corporate image and conveys your company’s values to potential customers. You may believe that you don’t have enough resources to properly maintain your signage, but in reality, you simply need to partner with the right service provider so you can focus on growing your business instead of repairing your signs.

Don’t Let Your Corporate Image Wear Down

Signage shapes your corporate image and conveys your company’s values to potential customers.

Your business signage is one of the first things potential customers will see when they pull up to your building. If it’s not well-maintained, it can give them a negative impression of your company before they even walk in the door. Here are a few tips to keep your signage looking its best:

  1. Regularly check for damage and make repairs as needed.
  2. Keep the area around your sign clean and free of debris.
  3. Make sure your sign is well-lit, so it’s visible at night.
  4. Periodically check to see if the paint is still fresh and vibrant. If not, consider repainting or wraps to give it a new look.

Fix Your Signage and Boost Your Income

A well-designed and well-maintained sign is an essential part of any business. Not only does it help customers find your store or office, but it also makes a first impression that can determine whether or not they choose to do business with you.

Get Signs That Attract Clients by BSC Signs

Maintaining proper signage for your business is one of the most important things you can do to draw in new customers and keep your current ones coming back. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right sign? BSC Signs has been helping businesses just like yours for over 25 years, and we’re here to help you too. We’ll work with you to create custom signs that are sure to turn heads and attract new business. And we don’t just stop there – we also offer sign maintenance and signage repair services to keep your signs looking their best all year long. Contact us today to get started!

What to Consider When Creating Your First Commercial Sign

When you have your first commercial sign designed, it’s important to keep the customer’s attention and understand that signage can make or break a business. This article discusses the different factors that should be considered when designing the sign, including what corporate image you want to project, who your target audience is, and how to incorporate your company logo into your design.

Understanding Your Business

Custom Signs and Custom Fabrication
Sign design requires expertise and creativity.

Understanding how your business operates is important in making sure you create a sign that aligns with what they stand for. Keep in mind what products and services you provide, and how customers can find you. Having an easily visible location might be more important than being easy to find online.

Identify Your Target Audience

If you’re going to be developing a business logo, you need to identify who your target audience is going to be. Is it based on age? Education level? Gender? Knowing where you want your business logo focus can help direct what colors and imagery you choose for its design.

Commercial Sign Design

Before you can begin designing a high-quality sign, you must ask yourself some questions: Who is my audience? What will I be selling? How much money am I willing to spend on my business signage? The answers will help guide your decisions about font size, color schemes, and overall design.

Corporate Image

When you design a corporate image, you have many options and opportunities. You can have colors that appeal to just one audience or colors that are neutral. You can also choose simple or complex designs. One thing is certain: if you use colors that attract attention, customers will take notice of your company and remember it. Colors should be an extension of your brand. They should represent the culture and atmosphere you want to create for your customers. Choose a color scheme that reflects who you are as a company and how you want to stand out in the market.

Signs of Life: The Benefits of an EMC Sign

An EMC sign can increase sales and keep your customers engaged with your business. Not only do EMC signs act as advertisements that help new customers find you, but they also offer something to repeat customers who come back again and again. Here are just some of the benefits of an EMC sign that make it worth getting for any business, from restaurants to grocery stores to hardware stores.

What are the Benefits of an EMC Sign?

Electronic Message Centers (EMC) signs can help businesses engage with customers in real time.

Electronic Message Centers (EMC) signs can help businesses engage with customers in real-time, right outside their storefront. These benefits are lost when a business relies solely on static advertising. For example, a static billboard may showcase one service or product but the opportunity for additional marketing is not possible. If you have an EMC sign set up next to your storefront and use it regularly, you can entice potential customers with offers relevant to their interests and location.

Update Message Easily

One advantage to installing an EMC sign is the ease in which you can change messages. If you have urgent news, or want to send out a promotion on a slow day, you can easily update your sign from anywhere. Messages can be tailored and personalized to your local clients. How you communicate with people on their way to work is going to be different than how you communicate with people coming home from work and even the nighttime crowd.

Affordable and Easy to Maintain

An EMC sign might cost less than you think, and require far less maintenance than a traditional LED or neon displays. In addition to that, it will last longer because its design make it much more resistant to damage. EMC signs are highly rated for outdoor use, making them perfect for storefronts and businesses in high-traffic areas.

Why Choose BSC Signs

We believe in EMC signs so much that we installed one at our shop to show off its capabilities! The best part, our receptionist can control the display remotely, customizing a welcome greeting for visiting guests. For more information on how we can design and manufacture the best EMC signs, contact us with your specific signage needs. We offer the best, high-quality signs and fabricate them per your requirements and budget.

Get High Visibility With Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding Signs for Healthcare Industry

Visibility can make or break your business, and whether you’re trying to get customers in the door or patients through the door, wayfinding signage can help you do that. The main function of wayfinding healthcare signage is to help visitors find their way around a facility, but these signs can also make your building more attractive by emphasizing points of interest and catching people’s eyes. Here are some effective ways to get high visibility with wayfinding signage.

Importance of Highly Visible Wayfinding Signage for Healthcare Industry

Custom Multi-Tenant Monument Signs
Wayfinding signs are essential at any building.

There are many reasons why the healthcare industry should invest in highly visible wayfinding healthcare signage:

  1. First and foremost, it helps patients and visitors find their way around the facility
  2. It can help reduce wait times and increase efficiency
  3. It can improve patient satisfaction scores
  4. It can help staff members quickly and easily find what they need
  5. It can provide critical information in an emergency situation
  6. It can be used to market the facility to potential patients and families
  7. It can create a more professional appearance for the facility.

Main Design Considerations

  1. The design needs to be powerful and dynamic
  2. Strategic placement of wayfinding and ADA signage, including legible and easy to follow directories, is vital to the healthcare industry
  3. The sign needs to be attractive, legible, and easy to read for a variety of clients
  4. Healthcare facilities need large letters that are easily readable for patients and staff alike

Effective Types of Healthcare Signage

There are many types of healthcare signage, each with its own purpose and audience. Directional signs help patients and visitors find their way around your facility. Identification signs help people find specific departments or rooms. Warning signs provide important safety information. Regulatory signs let people know about rules and policies that must be followed. Informational signs provide general information about your facility, services, or events. And finally, promotional signs can be used to advertise special offers or services.

Contact us at BSC Signs today to see how we can create the most dynamic healthcare directional signs for you!

ADA Signs Keep Your Customers Safe

The ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act, which is a landmark piece of legislation designed specifically for making businesses accessible for people with disabilities. The act covers a variety of permanent signage on a business property that has to be in line with ADA guidelines. Since these signs have a specific purpose, you need experts in the field for design and fabrication. These signs make it simple to find your way around a property and increase accessibility for all visitors.

Where You Need ADA Compliant Signs

The primary purpose of ADA signs is to help people easily navigate through a property and you can use them in various locations such as:

  • Entrances and Exits – Each of the entry and exit points on a business’ premises need to be marked clearly
  • Permanent Rooms and Offices – All permanent rooms, including offices, closets, and mechanical spaces must be marked with room identification 
  • Elevators – Elevators need to be clearly marked with ADA-compliant signage
  • Facilities – Signs should direct people towards facilities, such as restrooms

Why You Should Choose an ADA Sign Expert

Making sure that your business is ADA compliant is more than just a good idea; it’s required by law. The signs mentioned above are only a few examples of ADA-compliant signage that need to be put up in public spaces in your business. It’s advisable to work with a signage specialist who can help ensure that every room is covered because there are specific standards when it comes to the design and production of the signs.

The team at BSC Signs can help you understand the requirements and provide high-quality, perfectly designed, and durable ADA signs. Contact us today to get more information about your signage options.

3 Reasons to Invest in an EMC Sign for Your Business

Electronic message center signs have several benefits that make them an attractive option when considering how to advertise your business, showcase special offers, and spread information in your community. Here are 3 reasons why EMC signs are right for you and your business.

1) Increase Brand Awareness

Visibility is key to getting noticed and increasing brand awareness. When potential customers can’t find your business, they will go elsewhere. Making sure that you have signs prominently displayed at entrances and visible from main roadways is one of the most effective ways of grabbing attention.  If a customer passes by your storefront or office building without noticing it, chances are he or she won’t be back anytime soon. But if you make it easy for them to spot your business with a sign out front, there’s a good chance they will come back — and refer their friends!

EMC Signs are great for targeted advertising

2) The Ultimate in Targeted Advertising

When you invest in EMC signs, you’re getting more than just a sign—you’re buying advertising that stands out. Traditional billboards and signage typically consist of static images and messages, but one of these signs is so much more than that. An EMC sign can contain multiple messages to reach as many people as possible with your message. Each message is customized and controlled by you, resulting in unparalleled targeted advertising

3) Save Money on Marketing

Do you want people to learn about your business, but don’t have a big marketing budget? Get people talking by installing one of our eye-catching electronic message centers, or EMC signs. Our custom-made signs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including tower signs and pedestrian signs. Talk about getting your money’s worth! With just one sign, you can get your marketing messages out all day long and save on other forms of traditional advertising.

Ready to create your Custom EMC Sign?

The team at BSC can fabricate and install a customized EMC display for your business that will turn heads. Contact us about your requirements and vision, and we’ll come up with a sign solution that is tailored to your company’s brand and needs.

Enhance your Brand with Architectural Sculptures

Sterling Ranch Architectural Sculpture

Architectural sculptures are 3D sculptures that provide a creative way to publicly display your brand in a more interesting way than traditional signage. Whether you’re selling homes, advertising products, or marketing services, you can use these sculptures to create an identity that will stand out from the crowd in both looks and imagination. 

An Innovative Alternative 

Instead of your logo printed on a sign in a retail space, how about an oversized custom art structure that’s highly visible from afar? These structures can be colorful and engaging for customers. This is a great alternative for businesses that want to highlight their logo or brand in a unique way. Sculptures can be made from metal, wood or other material and offer an innovative alternative to traditional signs. 

Architectural Sculptures make a statement

They Can Strengthen Your Brand

The key benefit of architecturally themed sculptures is they allow you to visually communicate your brand in a more interesting way than traditional signage. This can not only help your business stand out among its competitors, but it can also help strengthen your brand. It will differentiate you from other companies who rely solely on traditional marketing strategies (e.g., billboards and radio/television advertisements). 

Trust the Experts

We work with every client to collaborate on custom branding solutions from concept to installation. Contact our team to get started on designing sculptural signage to make powerful impressions on your customers.

BSC Signs is an award-winning full-service licensed sign contractor and custom fabricator based in Broomfield, Colorado. We design, build and install signage for businesses and organizations in Denver Metro, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming.

Make a Lasting First Impression with Effective Wayfinding Signage

Do you believe that first impressions are vital? If so, then the first impression your visitors get of your business should be the most positive one possible. After all, a great first impression can make the difference between landing and losing new customers. So what do you need to know about wayfinding signs? First, understand that wayfinding signage refers to directional signs and directories that direct visitors to different areas of your business facility or building. It also provides instructions on how to use elevators, restrooms, etc., within your location as well as information regarding building services and facilities.

Where to Place Wayfinding Signs

Interior Branding Solutions
Wayfinding signs help keep people moving in the right direction while boosting your brand.

It can be easy to overlook, but it’s important to remember that wayfinding signage is an aspect of facility design. Make sure you know where signage should go and how it should be designed so that everyone in your facility knows exactly where they are at all times. For example, if you’re designing wayfinding for an office building, make sure wayfinding signs are placed near elevator banks and large intersections. That way people know when they need to turn left or right to find their destination.

Why Use Directional Signs?

Most of us lead busy lives, and when we’re out in public it’s easy to get distracted by your phone or just get plain lost. Directional signs help keep people moving in the right direction and reduce distractions. Directional signs are especially useful in high-traffic areas. Not only do they help people find their way around, but they help guide traffic flow. They also encourage repeat business because customers can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily on future visits.

How Wayfinding Signs Improve Safety

By strategically placing wayfinding signage throughout your building, you are improving safety for both guests and employees. By clearly outlining floor plans, corridors, exits and other important locations, you can reduce stress and help make sure your visitors know where they are at all times. In addition to improving safety for all visitors and employees in your building, effective wayfinding signage makes it easier for people to navigate on their own once they’ve left a certain area.

How Aesthetics Impact the Bottom Line

We don’t realize it, but we make split-second decisions about which spaces are worth our time and money — and which ones aren’t. If you want to capture your audience’s attention from the very first moment they enter your building, wayfinding signage with consistent design is key.

At BSC Signs we specialize in designing and manufacturing wayfinding signs to fit your business needs. Contact us today and we’ll help you design a directional sign strategy that will make a great first impression. 

The Art of Custom Signs: How to Make Your Business Stand Out

Custom signs are not only great ways to express your brand, but they also have functional value as well. As their name suggests, custom signs can be designed specifically to work in the environment they will be placed in, making them more effective at catching the attention of potential customers than traditional signs that are more one-size-fits-all.

Why Having Custom Signs Will Increase Traffic

To get your business noticed, there are a number of steps you can take. One of these is custom signs that will catch your customer’s eye and make them more likely to stop and look at what you have on offer. The problem with many businesses is that they fail to think outside of their box and rely too heavily on whatever products they happen to be selling at any one time. This means that if customers aren’t looking for those products, they might not even notice your store or brand. However, if you invest in custom signs with consistent branding, then people who walk past your store or visit your website will immediately know what it is you do – and why they should buy from you instead of someone else.

Combining Colors, Logos, and Fonts

Before designing you sign it’s critical to understand how colors, logos, and fonts work together.

When designing a custom sign, it’s critical that you understand how colors, logos, and fonts work together. If you put them together in a way that has no connection or meaning behind it, your sign is going to be aesthetically appealing — but not very functional. Knowing how these elements will combine is key to designing effective signs.  A good designer can help you choose which combinations are most effective for your brand. But, don’t be afraid to take matters into your own hands either; creating some mockups at home with some paper and pencil can go a long way toward helping you determine what works best for your brand.

Making The Right Choice with Materials

When it comes to custom signs, people often don’t realize how many choices they have. If you are looking for attractive and long-lasting signs, you should consider your choice of materials carefully. The location of the sign will also help to determine the material you should use.

Letting Experts Create the Perfect Sign For You

You don’t have time to figure out how best to market your business. Let a professional do it for you! If you have any interest in growing your business and brand, it’s important that you look into getting custom signs.

At BSC Signs we specialize in designing and manufacturing custom signs to fit your business needs perfectly. Contact us today and we’ll help you design a custom sign that will make your business stand out from the crowd.