Make a Lasting First Impression with Effective Wayfinding Signage

Do you believe that first impressions are vital? If so, then the first impression your visitors get of your business should be the most positive one possible. After all, a great first impression can make the difference between landing and losing new customers. So what do you need to know about wayfinding signs? First, understand that wayfinding signage refers to directional signs and directories that direct visitors to different areas of your business facility or building. It also provides instructions on how to use elevators, restrooms, etc., within your location as well as information regarding building services and facilities.

Where to Place Wayfinding Signs

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Wayfinding signs help keep people moving in the right direction while boosting your brand.

It can be easy to overlook, but it’s important to remember that wayfinding signage is an aspect of facility design. Make sure you know where signage should go and how it should be designed so that everyone in your facility knows exactly where they are at all times. For example, if you’re designing wayfinding for an office building, make sure wayfinding signs are placed near elevator banks and large intersections. That way people know when they need to turn left or right to find their destination.

Why Use Directional Signs?

Most of us lead busy lives, and when we’re out in public it’s easy to get distracted by your phone or just get plain lost. Directional signs help keep people moving in the right direction and reduce distractions. Directional signs are especially useful in high-traffic areas. Not only do they help people find their way around, but they help guide traffic flow. They also encourage repeat business because customers can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily on future visits.

How Wayfinding Signs Improve Safety

By strategically placing wayfinding signage throughout your building, you are improving safety for both guests and employees. By clearly outlining floor plans, corridors, exits and other important locations, you can reduce stress and help make sure your visitors know where they are at all times. In addition to improving safety for all visitors and employees in your building, effective wayfinding signage makes it easier for people to navigate on their own once they’ve left a certain area.

How Aesthetics Impact the Bottom Line

We don’t realize it, but we make split-second decisions about which spaces are worth our time and money — and which ones aren’t. If you want to capture your audience’s attention from the very first moment they enter your building, wayfinding signage with consistent design is key.

At BSC Signs we specialize in designing and manufacturing wayfinding signs to fit your business needs. Contact us today and we’ll help you design a directional sign strategy that will make a great first impression.