Get An Illuminated Blade Sign For a Classic Storefront Look

Illuminated Blade Sign For A Classic Storefront Look

Custom signs make your brand come to life. We love taking a logo and custom fabricating a storefront sign that perfectly reflects your brand personality. For an eye-catching and attractive storefront look, the illuminated blade sign is a classic choice.

The Importance of a Custom Storefront Sign

Illuminated Blade Sign For Motomaki In Colorado
This storefront blade sign was custom created for Motomaki in Colorado, including 3D features and illuminated letters.

A well-designed storefront sign can increase awareness and give your brand a bigger presence in the local landscape. For many, the storefront is their first introduction to a new brand. The storefront sign could be the difference between them entering your business or passing it by. 

For customers who are already familiar with your brand through other marketing efforts, a custom sign makes your storefront instantly identifiable and feel familiar, which leads to stronger brand affinity. 

Reaching consumers through marketing and advertisement often comes with a promise that you are the right choice for their business. A storefront sign that brings your brand personality to life will make customers feel confident that you can follow through on the promise made in advertisements. 

Blade Signs are Visible From Both Directions

When it comes to being the most visible and attractive and capturing the attention of pedestrians, shoppers, and motorists, the illuminated blade sign is a smart choice. The blade sign protrudes from your building façade. Combined with the double-sided graphics, this sign draws attention from every direction. 

Keep the design simple and succinct, featuring just your logo and name, making it more easily recognizable at a glance. 

Customizable Features of an Illuminated Blade Sign

The shape, size, illumination, colors, textures, materials hardware are all fully customizable. Every inch of your storefront sign should add value to your brand.

Choose to illuminate the sign, or choose features to light up, like lighting just the lettering or the logo. The right lighting won’t just make your sign more visible day and night but will add dimension and character. 

Contact BSC for a Storefront Illuminated Blade Sign

Our fabrication team can perfectly replicate your logo, typography, and colors to bring your brand to life. Adding 3D elements, raised lettering, and illuminated features will give our storefront and brand more credibility with consumers.

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