ADA Signs Can Enhance Your BRAND!

In the world of ADA Signs, there are two generally approved techniques – photopolymer and layered acrylic with raster beads. Each manufacturing method has benefits and preferred application uses. That is where your sign consultant comes in.

Acrylic Layering

This sign type is best for protected settings such as hospitals, high-end offices with specialty finishes, and clinics. Acrylic signs with raised text applied to a sign face and the raster fit method of braille provide a cost effective sign solution. There are many laminate choices and painting options that will effectively bring sites into ADA compliance. The challenge is presented by patrons. The laminates can be picked at, letters rearranged, or the raster beads (used for braille) can be removed with some effort. Additionally, if you are in the budgeting process, the names of your rooms may impact price. If exact room names haven’t been determined, there may be a price change when final design packages are approved. The more acrylic required for the lettering, the higher the cost.


This is the best sign type for high traffic unprotected environments, schools, public buildings where there may be a degree of vandalism. While there are fewer first surface laminate options, there are thousands of paint options, digital print backgrounds, and first/second layer applications to make these signs special and unique. The initial price of purchase can be a little more, but the longevity of the sign usually offsets it.


So what does material selection have to do with branding? The reality is most ADA signs can be done using either method. The DESIGN is what sets you apart. These little signs are required – you can’t get around them. However, you can make the most of them by throwing your logo in the corner, adding a second-surface digital print to color code floors or add a splash of color to the background, and even better you can add layers to turn your sign into viewing pleasure. The only limits to customizing your ADA sign package are design and budget.

Below is an inspirational portfolio video by NovaPolymer showcasing designs. All signs pictured are photopolymer.