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Experience counts! When choosing a company to create the signage for your business, you can avoid problems by going with a highly reputable and experienced company.

BSC Signs has been in business in the Denver metro area since 1999 and is one of the leading full-service sign companies in Colorado. We’ve installed thousands of signs of every kind, for businesses and organizations large and small.

One of the things that sets us apart is our installation department. Sign installation is the last step in the sign creation process, and it’s important that it be done right.


When selecting a sign company, it’s essential that it be properly licensed and insured. BSC Signs is a licensed sign contractor in 60+ cities, counties, and municipalities throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming. We also carry the required insurance that is necessary to work in business plazas, shopping centers, and government buildings.

BSC Signs installation


You do not want to run into problems with inspections after your sign has been installed.  Your signage will need to pass inspection and meet all the requirements of municipal laws. That could include the overall square footage of a sign, its height, set-back from the road, or even the type of lighting used.
BSC Signs has a highly experienced Permitting Technician who will ensure that your signage meets all city requirements. This is done early on in the planning process.

Alamo Cinema Sign


The installation department at BSC Signs has highly experienced and skilled installers. Signs are often installed during business hours, so our installation teams ensure a safe environment for customers as the work is completed with minimal disruption to the business.

For hospitals, airports and other high-security environments, employees have passed background checks, 12-panel drug tests, and maintain all the appropriate certifications and insurance to operate in any situation, with any type of equipment. Certificates will gladly be sent by request.


Even the best designed signs will lose their impact if they are improperly installed. Our installation teams make sure that your signs are professionally installed, from proper spacing and alignment of letters and cabinets, to neat installation of electrical connections.

Interior signs require an expert touch and experience with the various kinds of surfaces they are mounted on. Customers see these signs close up and they need to be perfect —we want to help you present your best image! Our crews take pride in ensuring that your new signage looks great, from small interior signs to large illuminated exterior signs.

BSC Signs installation


Our installation department has a modern and well maintained fleet. We recently added two new Elliott M43 trucks that are specially designed for use in the sign industry. These versatile aerial work platforms give our installers the reach they need, while being able to work in tight spaces in parking lots, drive-thru lanes, and other challenging situations.

BSC Signs Fleet Trucks

When a heavy lift or long reach is needed, we work with local crane companies to provide assistance. For the installation of a large sculpture built by our BSC Custom division, a construction crane was called in to lift the pieces and gently lower them into the center of a traffic circle while the crew secured it in place.

BSC Signs installation

Our crews also use scissor lifts and telescopic booms when needed. Each installation is unique!

BSC Signs installation

Sign installations can involve some hard to reach spots, and our teams use the right equipment for each situation. The installation of a bright red EMERGENCY sign at the St. Anthony North Health Campus in Westminster, CO required a special lift.

Installing the emergency sign


BSC Signs has a proven track record of working with national sign companies.. We work as a trusted local partner for these companies, installing signage packages for new local stores.

The signs are usually manufactured out-of-state and shipped to our facility in Broomfield. We take care of the permitting, product receipt and inspection, and local installation.

BSC Signs has installed signage for many national and regional brands through our partners in the sign industry. We encourage national sign companies to look at our Sign Search listing — we are the top rated company in Colorado with fifty 5-star reviews and counting.

Some of the brands we’ve worked with include Jack in the Box restaurants, BOK Financial, Canvas Credit Union, Tesla, and many retail chains you find in shopping malls.

Tesla Sign - BSC Signs


Our #1 priority is to make sure that our customers are completely happy with their new signage!

If you have any questions about sign installation, or if you’re looking for a quote on a sign project, our sign consultants can help. Please give us a call at (303) 464-0644 or send an email to [email protected]. The BSC Signs website has photos of sign projects, testimonials, and information on the kinds of signs we build.

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