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How do you make it easy for the public to find a hospital’s Emergency Department? When there’s a medical emergency and a family is rushing a loved one to the hospital, they can’t afford to waste precious minutes. It’s vitally important that the signage be large, bright, and impossible to miss.

St. Anthony North Health Campus is operated by Centura Health and is located at Interstate 25 and W. 144th Ave. in Westminster, Colorado. The medical center has a level III Trauma Center with 24/7 emergency services.

To show the location of their Emergency Department and Trauma Center, Centura Health needed updated signage. We built and installed a large illuminated sign that has only one word: EMERGENCY. The sign faces I-25, which is only 800 feet from the hospital. Having an effective sign takes advantage of the extremely high traffic volumes on I-25, ensuring that it will be seen by tens of thousands of people every day.

Here is the ‘Before’ photo of the existing signage on the east side of the building. It was built by another sign company when the medical center opened.

Old signage


Once the sign design was approved, it was handed off to the BSC Signs fabrication team. These are some of the largest letters we have built recently. They’re approximately five feet in height and five inches deep, and the sign has a width of 42 feet. The faces were precision cut from sheets of translucent red acrylic and each letter is internally illuminated with bright red LEDs. This combination ensures high visibility and maximum reach, and the use of red LEDs and faces ensures a deeply saturated intense color.

Fabricating the emergency sign


On installation day, the first step was to safely remove the existing signage. Our BSC Signs installation team used a two-man lift to reach the sign, disconnect the power and remove it in sections.

Removing existing signage


The five-foot letters were installed on three raceways to simplify installation onto custom brackets. A raceway is a painted sheet metal box that contains the electrical wiring and has the channel letters attached in advance. This makes it much easier for installers to quickly and accurately align and mount the sign. It also means there are fewer attachment points in the wall, making for a cleaner installation. Even with three raceways, the oversized letters made for a challenging installation.

Installing the emergency sign


Here’s the completed project. With five-foot channel letters, a height of 60 feet and bright red internal LEDs, the sign is bold and highly visible. Its large size ensures it is easily seen during daylight hours, and at night it is visible from a long distance along Interstate 25  and W. 144th Ave. Anyone trying to locate the Emergency Department will have no problem finding it and will save precious time in the case of a medical emergency. The installation of this sign will benefit the community as more people become aware of the St. Anthony North Health Campus emergency department and trauma center.

Emergency for hospital

Emergency Sign


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