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Why standard vinyl is almost always the better choice.

It is common in our industry to see clients come in with special color requirements for their signage. Why wouldn’t this be the case? Color is a big differentiating factor within branding. BSC Signs can match almost any color that we come across, Pantone being the most popular, We can have these custom colors: Digitally Printed, Custom Painted, Screen Printed, etc.

When it comes to digital prints on illuminated signs there are some big drawbacks, namely that when lit at night your sign is going to look washed out. In the example pictures, unlit, both vinyls look practically identical, but when lit the printed vinyl turns to a “peach” color while the standard vinyl stays a vibrant red.

 Print vs Vinyl Unlit

Print vs Vinyl Lit

From what we understand this happens for a couple reasons:

1. The ink is applied to the vinyl like any print process, in a dot matrix, which means that though it appears a solid color, under magnification there will still be parts of the white vinyl visible.

2. The inks are opaque so light doesn’t pass through it, but around it. This causes the light to be white with some of the color refracted from the inks surface.


We recommend when at all possible, that our clients choose a vinyl option that matches as close as possible to their original colors. This will ensure that your brands identity stays consistent and vibrant both during the day and at night.

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