Neon Signs

BSC Signs has been designing, making and installing custom neon signs in Colorado from Denver and Aspen to Pueblo and Cheyenne since 2002. There are few things that can compete with the vividness of a neon sign. There is an art to creating the perfect neon sign and our skilled craftsmen have the experience to provide first-rate precision.

The simplicity of bending tubes, filling them with rarefied neon and electrifying them to illuminate has been a craft since 1910. BSC Signs is on the cutting edge and pushing the limits to neon sign design.

neon bulbs for your signs
Neon Signs provide that retro look that everyone is after these days. They are a great way to boost visibility and add character to your sign. Many different types of signs can incorporate neon Front lit Channel Letters, Monuments, Blade Signs, Cabinets, etc.

Neon is a glass tube filled with an inert gas that illuminates when electricity is passed through it. The two most common gases are neon, which emits a fiery red, and a mixture of argon and mercury, which emits a subdued blue. Clear glass allows you to see the characteristic colors emitted by the gas. Fluorescent powders may be painted or baked to the inside walls of the glass tubing and the source light is then converted into a multitude of colors like such as orange, pink, turquoise, blue, and green. By altering the mixture of elements, subtle differences are possible. For example, white is available in a wide array of color temperatures from warm to cool.

You can find some in our Gallery Section.