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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

BSC Signs is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Please check our Facebook page for announcements about holiday hours.

We are a one-stop shop and easy to work with. Our personal service sets us apart, and we always keep our promise to give you a quality product on-time, and for a competitive price.

As one of the largest full-service sign companies in Colorado, we have the staff, facilities and experience to create any kind of sign you need–large or small.

We have installed thousands of signs throughout Colorado. Visit our Products section to see what kind of sign is best for your business.

We can make any type of Interior or Exterior sign you can imagine! From small site signs to custom 3D exterior signs for a new building, we do it all. Browse our Products section as well as our Services to learn and see more about what we can do for you!

We offer a large service area, from southeast Wyoming in the north to Colorado Springs in the south and west to Aspen. We also cover all of Denver Metro including Boulder. We maintain Contractor’s licenses in over 60 municipalities in Colorado.

We recommend that you look for a full-service sign company with a good track record (See our testimonials section). How long have they been in business? Do they have verifiable references? Will they make your signs in-house or subcontract them out to the lowest bidder?

Are they licensed and Insured for Liability, Workers’ Compensation, and Auto? Are they certified by Underwriters Laboratory UL Certification to build electric signs? (See our UL Certification)

And will they stand behind their product and honor their warranty if things go wrong?

If you’re looking for a top-quality sign company that can build anything you need and more, then BSC Signs is the company you’ve been looking for!

Quick Sign Shops specialize in ready-to-apply vinyl stickers, A-frames, magnetic signs, and banners. They usually offer fast service and work out of high visibility retail outlets.

Custom Sign Shops such as BSC Signs, usually cater to the more demanding customer for 3-D, electric, painted, and welded signs that often require detailed engineering, permitting, and installation. Some shops, like us, provide all sign types under one roof.

BSC Signs offers a full-service mixture between the two solutions. Though we specialize in custom signs, we offer the window decals, banners, and other services of the quick shops so that our clients can have a complete signage program, installed by a single vendor, to maintain brand consistency.

The most effective sign is the one that best satisfies your needs. Signs are directional, so people can find you, but they also serve as eye-catching advertising to draw more people into your business. We will help you select the best sign value for your budget.

It is our philosophy that your sign is an investment in your business and will pay for itself over time. Sometimes a simple sign is all that is needed, while another project may require something very ornate. We promise that if you trust our advice, your sign will be effective and a great investment.

Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) are also called LED Displays. We have sold these digital signs for over ten years and have undergone special training to demonstrate, sell, install and service electronic message centers. They range in size and capability from simple monochrome text displays to large full color LED displays. If you’d like to see what an LED sign would look like at your business, we can arrange to have a demo trailer set up at your location.

EMCs can be part of a larger sign. For example, an LED Display can be included in a large pylon sign at the entrance of a shopping center. Our sign consultants can provide examples of Electronic Message Center projects that BSC Signs has completed.

Broomfield Sign Company warrants signage and installation for TWO (2) years (New neon signs for only ONE (1) year). Includes travel, parts, and labor utilizing standard BSC equipment (specialty equipment is not included). Warranty is only valid against manufacturing and install defects and does not include (but not limited to): Theft, vandalization, damage by vehicle, person, or any object, weather, or acts of God.

We accept cash, most credit cards, and checks. Ask us about our financing options to preserve your cash!

BSC Signs is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2019! We began as Broomfield Sign Company, Inc. in 1999 and currently trade as BSC Signs. We acquired Denver Sign Systems, Boulder Sign Company, and Northglenn Signs a few years ago.

Our Sales Staff (who we like to refer to as Consultants or Project Managers) are all very experienced in the sign business and can help you by asking questions and showing you examples of signs that have worked for others in your situation. We use a consultative process in finding the best solution for your specific need, budget, and taste. Please take a look at our gallery section for design ideas. We find that taking a look at some of our previous projects really helps our customers narrow down their choices. We also have a guide to our processes on our services page.

Absolutely! We will work within your budget and see that you get the biggest bang for the buck and that your sign looks good! We can show you some low-cost projects we’ve completed so you can see for yourself what can be accomplished on a modest budget. We call the process of creating the most effective sign at lowest cost “Value Engineering”.

We make it easy to Schedule A Consultation We start with helping you decide on a type of sign that works best for your budget. We visit your location to see where a sign could be installed and check with the city to see what types of signs are permitted.

Your quote can include drawings or photo-realistic illustrations that will show how your installed sign will appear. And once we get your OK, our estimation system will give us an accurate list of materials needed to begin your project.

When you’re ready to get started, you can Schedule A Consultation here.

A custom sign may seem expensive at first, but on-premise signage is a wise investment when you consider the long term value it brings to your business! The custom sign we create for you is a one-off, uniquely designed, hand-made product. It’s designed to be extremely reliable and stand up to the extremes of Colorado’s climate. Our team at BSC Signs has highly skilled professional designers, custom fabricators, painters, and installers.

We have invested in modern equipment to build your signs in the most effective, quickest way, all housed in a 20,000 square foot building. Our installation teams use high reach crane trucks and aerial work platforms. With our installers sometimes working many stories up on high-rise buildings, workers compensation insurance is expensive, and most shopping centers require us to carry $5M in Liability insurance.

While some custom signs can involve substantial costs, we consider them to be the most effective long-term marketing investment your company can make. Exterior signs work for you 24/7/365, helping your current customers find you, and reminding future customers that you’ll be there when needed.

And, for those of you who need hard facts, on-premise signage is proven to be the least costly in terms of “Cost Per View” (compared with other types of advertising)

Kaizen! That’s Japanese for “good change”, and it sums up what lean manufacturing is all about. Developed by the Japanese after WWII, Lean Manufacturing is a system of reducing waste and making a business more efficient. Ever wonder why Toyota is the world’s largest automaker? Part of that success has been due to their adoption (and pioneering) of Lean Manufacturing. By reducing waste we can cut our costs in building your sign and be more competitive. This involves a continuous process of improvement.

We go over and above EPA mandated regulations to be eco-friendly. We recycle our plastics, aluminum, steel, and copper wire. Excess solvents and paint are stored and collected by an approved company. We have passed all EPA inspections including a Phase 2 groundwater inspection in 2014. Our goal is to replace our interior building lighting with high-efficiency LEDs in 2016. We’re also looking into placing solar panels on our 20,000 square-foot roof!

Designing, Building, and Installing Signs

The time needed to make and install your sign depends on the type of sign and the permitting challenges. For most electric signs, allow four weeks after the permit is approved. We do everything in house so we have control over the timeline. Our automated processes, lean manufacturing, and other efficiencies shorten production time — this means we can get the completed sign to you in record time. Smaller signs that do not require a permit can be delivered much more quickly.

Most exterior signs will require a sign permit and an electrical permit. Unlike an electrical permit, sign codes are different in every municipality. Some cities can take up to two weeks to issue a regular permit. We can handle variances, historical districts and any special requirements you may have. We currently maintain Contractor’s Licenses in over 60 municipalities across Colorado and in southern Wyoming, and we’re very experienced in working with local Building departments.

Our full-time Permitting Technician has over ten years experience and will do initial code research to see what signs and sizes will be allowed. A Landlord Approval needs to be included in the permit application. They will make sure that our design follows the Sign Criteria, which is usually included in the lease documents. 

Yes, we are a full-service shop and we design, build, install, and maintain all types of signs. 

For your sign to look its best, our designers need to start with the highest quality logos and artwork that you can provide. If possible, please locate the original files that your graphic designer sent you. It’s likely that they provided a few different versions, including vector-based files (which we prefer). The 2 most common formats include *.ai (Adobe illustrator), *.eps ( Encapsulated Post script). The logos and photos used on your website are very likely to be too small and low-resolution to be useful for your sign.

You may need to contact your graphic designer and ask to have the files sent to us directly. If you’re sending them to BSC Signs, you may find that some of the files are too large for email attachments. In that case, you could go ahead and upload them to a file sharing site such as Dropbox or Google Drive, and then send us the download links.

If you have any questions please give us a call at 303-464-0644. We can quickly evaluate your logo and artwork files.

We love special projects and can build just about anything! Our team of talented designers and fabricators have produced many outstanding custom signs and special projects. Our experienced designers can work from your written concept, a simple hand drawn sketch, a photo of an existing sign, or a full-blown architectural drawing.

They will create detailed 3-D models which you can rotate on a computer screen as if your project was already built. Once approved, our experienced Production Designer will produce a shop drawing for approval. Please ask to look at some of our previous projects.

BSC Signs is registered with the state’s “Colorado Made” program. Over 95% of our signs are totally made in-house at our production facility in Broomfield. It occasionally makes sense to sub-contract out some specialty work. For instance, we recently created a one-inch thick steel sign for a developer. It was made with a water-jet cutter worth $100,000 — it’s a machine that we would use once a year, so we decided to involve one of our production partners. We bring in specialized help when we need it, allowing us to complete the most difficult jobs. That makes our operation more efficient, and our signs more affordable.

The project quote you receive from BSC Signs will include a photo-realistic rendering of how your installed sign will look from street level. We can also provide a detailed 3D view that lets you see the proposed sign from any angle.

Yes, BSC Signs can perform any type of sign repair. Please check out our repair and maintenance page for full details.

Yes — BSC Signs is active on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Please like our Facebook page to see regular project updates and a behind-the-scenes look at sign design and fabrication.

BSC Custom Architectural and Lighting is a new division of BSC Signs. It’s located in the same building, but its focus is mainly on specialty fabrication and building custom lighting.  See the BSC Custom website for more information.

Let our team of experts guide you through the process to create the perfect branding for your needs.