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Lobbies and reception areas are important sections of your business building or office. They are that first step between you and your customers, staff and potential partners. Therefore, it is important to keep it nice, cozy, elegant and distinguished.

A good illumination, comfortable furniture, and a relaxing environment are great elements to get your visitors in that perfect mood, however, no lobby or waiting room will be complete without a unique lobby sign. A cool, well-designed and unique reception or lobby signage is the cherry on top for that important room.

Lobby signage displays what your business stands for, its culture and the way you do business. It is truly the very first impression your potential partners and customers will get and if you do it correctly, you are telling your visitors they have entered the right place.

Lobby signage
Lobby signs can be made of a wide range of materials and styles.

Building a lobby sign

Lobby signs come in a wide range of different materials, colors, and shapes. They can also be illuminated, non-illuminated or even self-lighted. Now, being able to determine which combinations are the most accurate for your project, requires an internal research, and it is better to look for an expert’s help.

Professional signage companies will perform an intense research and interview with the customer. It is vital to pay a visit to the area, in order to determine the dimensions, if there is plenty of natural light, if it has a rug, carpet or cold ceramic floors, and whether there are lots of windows or not.

Experts will also look for the best place to mount your signage, colors, letter type, style and finally with all this information, he will be able to suggest the best options of lobby signage available for your needs and requirements.

Types of lobby signs

Lobby Signs in Colorado
A lobby sign can add elegance and style to your waiting room.

There is no rule of thumb when deciding, which is the best type of signage for your lobby. They all have pros and cons, but with the analysis exposed before, it will be easier to make up your mind. Here are some of the most popular lobby signage of BSC Signs customers.

3D Letters

3D letters are excellent options for lobbies. They are elegant and professional. They are also pretty flexible and with the correct use of colors can become extremely playful and striking. They can be illuminated and non-illuminated signs.

Panel Signs

Panel signs are extremely flexible and can be shaped into basically any form. You can easily customize your fonts, colors, and logo, and can be built out of a long list of materials including acrylic, foam, and metal.

Vinyl or Digital Print

You can easily change completely the look of an empty wall and totally transform the interior environment of your lobby. Flat vinyl letters and logos can be applied to walls or even on a dimensional panel that stands off from the wall.

When it comes to developing an effective, unique, cool and elegant lobby signage, the imagination is the limit. Contact BSC Signs today and find out everything you need to know, to make your lobby signage project a success.

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