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Business signs are an essential advertising means for any business. Keeping them in great shape will not only ensure a sturdy, reliable brand image, but it could also provide a calm sense of knowing that they won’t represent a risk during extreme weather conditions. Considering unpredictable, severe weather changes when designing and installing an outdoor sign is a rule of thumb, in order to ensure an efficient and prolonged lifespan.

Make it Last

Sign installation in Colorado
The correct installation provides safety to customers and staff.

It is important to have signage experts visit your business in order to determine the best location, signage type, system, and materials that will resist any unpredictable surprise weather can bring. Especially, in areas such as Colorado, where severe storms arrive every year. At BSC Signs, our professional staff will perform extensive research on your needs and possibilities. This way we can come up with the best combination of materials, weight, resistance, flexibility, and other features that will make your outdoor signage an effective, eye-striking, safe, and long-lasting advertising tool.

As a business owner, it is important to find a location where your sign is extremely visible, but away from extreme heat and prolonged direct sunlight. On the other hand, too much shade can backfire, as wind could break tree branches or excessive debris, damaging your sign.

Make it Safe

Professional sign technicians will also determine the best height and position, regarding the weight of the sign, so it is installed with proper elements and supports. This way, no matter the situation, your outdoor signage will be safe for your customers and staff. Not having an outdoor sign mounted correctly could, under extreme conditions, loosen damaging private property or even worse, hurting someone.

Proper and regular scheduled maintenance can help to avoid unfortunate events during heavy storms. BSC Signs can perform a maintenance visit to make sure your signage structure stays in optimal conditions. If after a heavy storm you notice any signs of deterioration on your outdoor signage, it is vital to secure the area and contact a technician to take care of the situation immediately. Contact BSC Signs today, and avoid running unnecessary risks with your outdoor signage.

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