Faux foam monument signs

Outdoor signage is popular and efficient to promote your business, brand, services, products or new project. Commercial signs are not only a great way to effectively establish your brand’s image, but also a key element in the success of any branding campaign.

Many business owners spend a lot of time and money developing the best and coolest signage possible. However, many fail to consider the correct information or how to present it, once they have determined their design, and this is a huge mistake.

It is essential to keep in mind that people are busy, running, passing by or driving from one place to the other, minding their own business, and it is on that fraction of a second that you need to catch their attention. Nonetheless, getting them to notice you is not enough if they can’t understand what you are offering, selling or simply conveying. Therefore, it is important when designing your commercial signage, to consider the essentials to inform, before even considering the number of words, size, type, style and colors that your signage design should have.

Start with the Essentials

brick monument signEven though, every project is different there is standard and essential information that your signage should provide. For instance:

  • Company name
  • Phone number
  • Slogan
  • Website URL
  • Call to action

This doesn’t mean it has to be displayed all at once, you can make interesting combinations or simply rely on the most important regarding your needs and goals. However, these elements should give you a good starting point.

It is important to consider the target audience and their needs. This could also help determine the most essential information to provide. Remember, that in a blink of an eye your message should not only reach your target audience but also, it has to make an impact, therefore, the rule of thumb is to keep it simple.

Aesthetic Elements

Once you have analyzed all of these concepts and elements, you can start trying different colors, shapes, types, materials, and textures. Avoid using many colors or strange combinations. Stick to traditional contrasts and avoid abusing graphic elements.

A professional sign company can help to go through these steps and also help to determine the best way to use your possibilities in an efficient way. At BSC Signs, we have been helping business owners achieve and overcome their signage expectations. Our professional staff will personally work with you in order to build the most amazing, cool and eye-catching commercial signage. Contact us today and boost your business to success.

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