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Designing and building a cool, eye-catching, unique business sign is not easy at all. It is a complicated mixture of different tasks and steps that should be meticulously handled in order to ensure its efficiency and success. Most business owners understand this and invest a lot of time and money into getting the best results. Nonetheless, many forget the last step of their signage project, spoiling all efforts and hard work done.

There are so many different aspects that many business owners fail to comply with the local signage permits. It is a more common issue than many might believe, but failing to comply with your local signage permits could translate into major delays in your project, resulting in extra expenses.

Understanding your signage requirements and permits

Signage code
Get your business signage permits in order, before installing.

After so much hard work, the last thing one expects is a legal problem that spoils your investment and dreams.  Failing to comply with your local permits could become a huge issue. Every city has its own sign code associated with it, and within that, different zoning areas have their own code requirements. Some may include:

  • Sign Classification (information point or instruction point)
  • Traffic
  • Planning permissions
  • Local authority/County Council restrictions
  • Optimum visual impact with display points and positioning
  • Design including material, size, font color etc.
  • Health & Safety including identification of any residual hazards and/or risks
  • Government legislation

The best way to avoid any last minute legal problem is, hiring a professional signage company that takes care of your permits from the beginning. In fact, the best companies like BSC Signs, start their customer’s signage designs taking into consideration the city codes. BSC Signs is licensed in over 60 Colorado Cities—including the entire Denver Metro area. Therefore, we are familiar with each city code and use them during the design process to ensure we don’t create a sign that gets denied by the city. Contact Us today, and get your signage project on the right track.

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