Solid waste management and disposal have become an important matter of discussion between governments and business owners in these days. Historically, the environment has taken a serious beating and we must find ways to deduce our environmental footprint before it is too late. Thanks to BSC Signs’ environmental philosophy and liability, today there is a way to promote your business and protect the world at the same time.

BSC Signs is the green option for all business owners who want to successfully establish their brand, while making a difference, supporting and protecting the environment.

Eco-friendly signage
BSC Signs applies green process to protect the environment.

According to Colorado’s statewide landfill disposal statistics, only in 2016, a total of 7,988,308 tons of solid waste were disposed at landfills and like any other business, graphics and signage business have their quota of responsibility. Many of these wastes are extremely toxic and harmful to the environment. Some of them will eventually end up in the seas, making even more serious damages. That’s why at BSC Signs, we have developed a Lean Manufacturing System to reduce waste in all of our processes which not only reduce our ecological footprint but also reducing our costs, making us more competitive and your project more affordable.

BSC Signs goes above EPA mandated regulations to be eco-friendly. We recycle all of our plastics, aluminum, steel, and copper wire. Excess solvents and paint are stored and collected by an approved company. We have passed all EPA inspections including a Phase 2 groundwater inspection. Furthermore, we are always trying to be different and this involves a continuous process of improvement.

If you and your business believe in making the difference and are continuously looking for ways to reduce your environmental footprint, you can count on BSC Signs, to establish your brand and boost your incomes while supporting and protecting the environment. Contact us today, and start displaying your eco-friendly image with a real eco-friendly signage.

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