Energy efficiency has become a big issue for business owners all around the U.S. In times when saving money is as important as making efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, business owners look for all sorts of alternatives to achieve so. Nonetheless, it is hard for some business owners to believe that they can be eco-friendly and successful at the same time. Specially, when they need to leave their business sign lit all night long.

Thanks to BSC signs, Colorado businesses and shops have a wide range of alternatives to build the best business sign while making a difference with the environment. At BSC not only our shop processes are environmentally friendly, but we have excellent options of illuminated business signage that are energy efficient, for instance LED signs.

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Save energy with LED signage.

LED signs have become extremely popular in the last years, not only because they are extremely effective increasing sales and catching people’s attention, but also because they are excellent in saving energy. While they are extremely dynamic and flexible, LED signs are much brighter than other types of outdoor signage, catching potential customers’ attention from great distances. Besides, they can be designed in a wide variety of colors, making them perfect for daylight as well.

LED signs need less energy to function and generate a very little amount of heat. It is estimated that an outdoor led sign consumes 2 to 4 times less electricity than other types of outdoor illuminated signage. In addition, they are made from a non-breakable material, requiring minimal repairs and maintenance, and lasting longer, with a lifespan up to 105 thousand hours.

Another excellent LED sign property is that they are easy to wash and with little maintenance, they stay looking brand new for a long, long time. LED signs are excellent options for small and eco-friendly businesses that want to save money and make a difference in the environment. Contact BSC signs today and learn more about LED signage and other illuminated alternatives.

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