With an unlimited choice of available fonts, have you ever been confused and wondered what font to use for your business communication, print media, or signage?

In a recent survey conducted by designers, Helvetica was voted as the most influential and widely used font. Helvetica was designed by Haas Type Foundry over 50 years ago yet has not lost its popularity, and it offers more than 80 true versions. Some of the big corporations that use Helvetica include 3M, American Airlines, BMW, Caterpillar, Harley-Davidson, Microsoft, The North Face, and many others.

The same group rated Futura second, which has been around since 1927, followed by Grammond, that was created some 470 years ago for the French King Francis. The modern version of Garamond is Adobe Garamond which has been used in many recent publications.

Other fonts that were rated in the top five are Bodoni (around for over 300 years, mostly used for posters and displays), followed by Frutiger. The next time you need to create effective and high impact sign, poster, banner, etc., select one of the fonts listed below.

Top Twenty Fonts:

  1. Helvetica
  2. Futura
  3. Garamond
  4. Bodoni
  5. Frutiger
  6. Trajan Bold
  7. Myriad (Apple’s corporate font)
  8. Minion
  9. Bembo
  10. Baskerville
  11. Rockwell
  12. Verdana
  13. Franklin Gothic
  14. Times New Roman
  15. Gill Sans
  16. Univers
  17. Clarendon
  18. FF Din
  19. Avenir
  20. Warnock Pro

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