Top 4 Types of Commercial Signs to Make Your Business Stand Out

You’ve probably noticed a lot of different types of signs as you’ve driven around town. Most businesses utilize some form of signage to let customers know they’re open and ready to conduct business with them, but some signs are more effective than others at accomplishing this goal. Here are the top four most popular types of commercial signs that have been proven to help businesses stand out from their competitors.

Different Types of Commercial Signs

Custom Channel Letter Signs
Commercial signs are vital to get your brand out there.
  1. Lit Signs: If you’re looking for signage that’s going to really make your business stand out, this is the kind you should get. They are designed with an LED backlight and are lit from behind, so they can be seen during the day as well as night. This type of sign is great for making a store’s logo pop.
  2. Neon Signs: Neon signs are one of the most traditional, eye-catching popular signage types. Neon comes in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes. They can be used as murals or wall-mounted pieces to really grab your attention. It’s important to note that neon signs are typically more expensive than other signage types due to the cost and material required for production.
  3. Wall Decals: Wall decals are a subtle way to adorn your office space with ease. They’re made out of durable vinyl and coated with a clear laminate, so they’ll stand up well even in high-traffic areas. Plus, they peel and stick right onto the wall – no mess, no fuss!
  4. Custom Made Signs: There are many different signs that your business can display, but some are more effective than others. BSC Signs specializes in custom, handcrafted signage. Our signs will help your business stand out from the competition and can be personalized with logos, colors, messages, and more.

How to Choose the Best Sign for Your Business

There are many types of commercial signs, from lobby signs to directional and hanging signs, but only a few can be used for specific business needs. When choosing the type of sign you need for your business, it is important to consider location and purpose. The more you know about your business, the easier it will be for you to determine what type of sign will suit your needs best. To learn more about what type will work best for you, contact the professionals at BSC.