Get High Visibility With Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding Signs for Healthcare Industry

Visibility can make or break your business, and whether you’re trying to get customers in the door or patients through the door, wayfinding signage can help you do that. The main function of wayfinding healthcare signage is to help visitors find their way around a facility, but these signs can also make your building more attractive by emphasizing points of interest and catching people’s eyes. Here are some effective ways to get high visibility with wayfinding signage.

Importance of Highly Visible Wayfinding Signage for Healthcare Industry

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Wayfinding signs are essential at any building.

There are many reasons why the healthcare industry should invest in highly visible wayfinding healthcare signage:

  1. First and foremost, it helps patients and visitors find their way around the facility
  2. It can help reduce wait times and increase efficiency
  3. It can improve patient satisfaction scores
  4. It can help staff members quickly and easily find what they need
  5. It can provide critical information in an emergency situation
  6. It can be used to market the facility to potential patients and families
  7. It can create a more professional appearance for the facility.

Main Design Considerations

  1. The design needs to be powerful and dynamic
  2. Strategic placement of wayfinding and ADA signage, including legible and easy to follow directories, is vital to the healthcare industry
  3. The sign needs to be attractive, legible, and easy to read for a variety of clients
  4. Healthcare facilities need large letters that are easily readable for patients and staff alike

Effective Types of Healthcare Signage

There are many types of healthcare signage, each with its own purpose and audience. Directional signs help patients and visitors find their way around your facility. Identification signs help people find specific departments or rooms. Warning signs provide important safety information. Regulatory signs let people know about rules and policies that must be followed. Informational signs provide general information about your facility, services, or events. And finally, promotional signs can be used to advertise special offers or services.

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