Essential Custom Business Signs to Support Business Goals

Custom Channel Letter Signs

As the new year approaches, many businesses are taking stock of the past year, looking at strengths and weaknesses, and making plans for the future. Many are looking at ways to enhance and improve business strategies to grow and increase revenue. Don’t underestimate the power of essential custom business signs to increase brand awareness and increase revenue. 

Essential Custom Business Signs

Physical business signs are all about creating brand awareness. Signs engage your target audience and strengthen your positioning in the local market. There are essential custom business signs that every business should have to drive more traffic and revenue. 

The type of sign depends on your industry, business, location, and intended purpose. Let’s go over some of the essential custom business signs that may help achieve your business goals. 

Essential Custom Business Signs
Custom monument sign for Tabor Center.

Pylon and Pole Signs

These signs are great for any business located on a busy street or intersection or off the highway. Pylon and pole signs can be seen from great distances, allowing motorists to make the right moves to arrive safely at your front door. 

Pole signs tend to feature one brand, while pylon signs can house many tenants in one custom frame, like a shopping plaza or office park. 

Monument Signs

Grand free-standing sculptural signs that sit ground level to draw attention to your location. Monument signs are popular for businesses that sit back from street view, large corporations, hospitals, government buildings, and school campuses’.

Building Logo Signs

Your main brand identifier. The building logo sign should be easily recognizable and consistent with all other branding and marketing. The style will depend on your personal preference, location, and brand to bring out the right personality and associations to attract the right audience. 

Wayfinding and Directional Signs

While pole, pylon, monument signs, and logo signs bring your brand to life, you’ll need directional and wayfinding signs that connect all your signs and help consumers navigate their way to your business. 

Illuminated Signs

Elevate the effect and the visibility of your signs with custom lighting. LED lighting systems for channel letter signs and cabinet signs make illuminating your signs, both inside and outside of your business, cost-effective and efficient.

Work With BSC on Essential Custom Business Signs

Our team can help you choose the right style and customize each sign to bring out your brand personality, separate you from the competition, and enhance your brand profile in the local landscape. 

Contact us to talk to a sign fabrication expert on the best sign style for your business.

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