Communicate BETTER Using an EMC

What is an EMC (electronic message center)?

An electronic message center, or EMC in the industry, is a digital display that is programmable. It is marketing that you own. You have control of this digital advertising to create efficient and effective impressions. You will see top brands such as Walgreens, Sonic, and every casino everywhere entice customers to buy from them.

How to engage customers…effectively

Showcase your brand. You own this piece of marketing right at your place of business. Let customers know what you do, how you do it better, and why buy from you. Make them smile, laugh, but utilize your digital display to get attention and be relevant.

  • Showcase your brand – Who are you? How long have you been around? Answer those questions right at your door.
  • Define your unique selling point – What makes you different than your competitor down the street? Why should they buy from you? Set yourself apart from the first impression.
  • Humor helps – engage with a joke. Make yourself stand out by making your potential customer laugh.
  • Community messaging – What is going on locally that you support? Build a bond with customers because you both support a non-profit or the fire department or a school organization.
  • Invite clients in – The right content can bring people onto your salesfloor.
  • COVID updates – A subject matter we are all tired of but need to keep communicating restrictions and regulations as required by local law.
  • Business pivots – Along the same topic of COVID, did your business pivot? Are you offering church services virtually? Are you offering delivery through a 3rd party service? Let your customers know!

The short of it is EMC’s can allow you to effectively communicate with your customers. You can engage, inform, and invite your potential customers with a few clicks on a computer. This piece of technology is marketing at your site. EMC’s allow you flexibility and multiple programming options.


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