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neon channel letters in Colorado

24/7 Visibility with Premium Neon Signs

When a custom neon sign is made by real professionals using high-end technology, it is one of the most attractive signage solutions you can implement to captivate your potential customer’s attention, thanks to its vividness. To get the most out of your neon sign, you need to hire a well-known sign company that has the right equipment and staff to get the job done. BSC Signs is on the cutting edge and pushing the limits of neon sign design, and our skilled craftsmen have the experience to conceptualize, build, and install the most amazing neon signs in Colorado.

With custom made neon signs, your imagination is the limit, and your signage will be visible seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We can incorporate neon to many different types of signs, including Channel Letters, Monuments, Blade Signs, and Cabinets.

Neon sign created by BSC Signs

What is Neon and How Does It Work  

Neon is a glass tube filled with an inert gas that illuminates when electricity passes through it. Two gases are commonly used: neon, which lights up with a fiery red, and argon, which shines with a bright blue color. Because the glass tube is clear, the characteristic colors emitted by the gas can be seen from the exterior.

For additional hues, fluorescent powders can be painted -or baked- on the inside walls of the glass tube. This way, the light can be transformed into multiple colors such as orange, pink, turquoise, blue, and green; and if the mixture of elements is rearranged, even more subtle differences are possible. As an example, white light can have different color temperatures, ranging from warm to cool.

Types of Neon Signs

We use neon in sign designs in a variety of ways. Our project gallery has many examples of neon signs that we’ve created at BSC Signs.

Exposed neon can be placed within 3D channel letters. It gives a vivid glow to the sign. Here’s an example of exposed neon that adds a nice punch to a monument sign.

An example of exposed neon

Blade signs project from buildings, and can benefit from the use of neon. Sometimes only a neon accent or outline is added, but there’s nothing quite like a full on custom neon sign!

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar
Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar – Aurora, Colorado

Here’s a neon element that is part of a larger sign. The yellow symbol at the left uses exposed neon to give a unique accent to the sign.

Neon or LED channel letters
Neon accent for a brewing company sign

We design neon signs to be highly visible during the day as well. While neon stands out with that magical glow at night, neon signs must be equally effective during daylight hours.

Neon signs
Custom neon signage for a Denver restaurant

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BSC Signs has been designed and installed custom neon signs for Colorado companies for years. Neon has seen a huge resurgence in recent years, and has become popular once again.

Bova’s Frozen Custard – Boulder, Colorado

Contact us so we can start working on your custom neon signage project, or browse our website to learn more about the different signage products that we offer, and request a free quote so that we can schedule an appointment and help your business shine with one-of-a-kind signs in Colorado.