There are SO many sign types to chose from and so we’ve developed a graphic to help! This will give you ideas and some basic terminology to help you communicate what you are looking for.

Common Sign Types

So you signed your lease and now you are thinking about how customers are finding your location. You may need one or more of the signs in the graphic blow.

Electronic Message Center – Digital LED sign that has the capabilities of displaying words, images and figures.  This provides an opportunity to display new information for your business as often as you want.  EMC’s have many features such as user-friendly software, remote access, clear resolution and 3D graphics.

Monument Sign – A freestanding sign that is not attached to a building or structure and is typically low profile.  There is no open space between the ground and the sign with a structure that can be made out of masonry, wood or materials similar in appearance.

Logo Cabinet Sign – This is a common sign used on storefronts to showcase your logo.  The face material of the cabinet can range from acrylic or aluminum and have routed out face or routed with push thru letters.  These are typically illuminated with either LED’s or neon.

Window Vinyl – This type of advertising are decals or window graphics that are designed to adhere to the glass surface.  Vinyl on your storefront windows is a great way to display your branding as well as your products.

Directional Sign – Signs that indicate entrances and exits or giving directional information about goods and services of interest to the traveling public.  These can be illuminated or non-illuminated.

Halo Lit Letters – These are similar to a conventional channel letter except the lighting is exposed behind the letter.  Other names for a halo lit letter are reverse lit or back lit.

Awning Lettering – Awnings are a great architectural element that can dress up the front of your business.  They can provide shade and protect your customers from the rain.  The nice thing about awnings is they not only shield customers from the elements, but you can customize graphics that can be applied directly to the awning showcasing your branding.

Vinyl Mural Graphics – This is the same concept as window vinyl but can be on a larger scale.  They can be full wall wraps, partial wraps or die cut wall decals and lettering.  You can choose a focal wall within your space or partially wrap your lobby.

Projecting/Blade Sign – This type of sign can be mounted to your building or storefront pole or attached perpendicular to the surface of your building façade.  Projecting signs are an effective means of attracting foot traffic.

Neon Sign – These are electric signs lighted by long luminous gas-discharge tubes that contain rarefied neon or other gases.

A well designed sign package can intrigue customers and increase sales.

Channel Letters – Are a three-dimensional sign or letter fabricated from aluminum or acrylic and LED or neon lighting.   These signs are often 12” or taller per letter and internally illuminated offering great visibility.

Canopy Sign – Any sign that is a part of or attached to an awning, canopy, or other fabric, plastic, or structural protective cover (excluding a marquee) over a door, entrance, window, or outdoor service area.

Flat Cut Out Letters Flat-cut out lettering is a great option for many different types of businesses and can be installed as either interior or exterior signage. The variety of sizes, options and materials that are available with this type of sign make customization easy.

Arcade Sign –  a panel or cabinet that projects or hangs down from a canopy, soffit or ledge. Can have rigid or flexible (cable/chain) armatures.

Pylon Sign – Pole signs are typically supported by one or two poles located at a central entry point of shopping centers, malls, gas stations, car dealerships, commercial and industrial parks.  Pylon signs are helpful for companies that are located along highways or busy roadways.  Post & Panel Sign – Post and Panel signs consist of two posts and a single sign panel in between them. Typical Post and Panels tend to be economically designed with simple vinyl or metal posts and a clean sign face with little shaping.

Other Purchasing Concerns

As you can see, when it comes to signs, there are a variety of types, styles, and things to think about. However, not all buildings are created equal and each city and county have code that regulates signs. Let our consultants provide you with a design that achieves your goals and will be permissible by your jurisdiction. Contact us today to get started!

BSC SIGNS is an award-winning full-service licensed sign contractor and custom fabricator based in Broomfield, Colorado. We design, build, and install signage for businesses and organizations in Denver Metro, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming. 

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