Light Xmas Shoppers’

The holiday season is here! It is the best time of the year to boost your business income, with special sales, discounts, and promotions. It is also a great moment to promote new businesses, projects, products, and services.

Creative and unique commercial signage is a sure bet when it comes to catching potential customers, but when harsh weather strikes, you need more than just a cool business sign. You need to enlighten your potential customers’ path towards your shop. Otherwise, you might be missing serious business opportunities.

Stand out with electric signage

Electric signs or any signage that is illuminated by a light source, either internally or externally, are incredibly efficient types of commercial signs, catching drivers and peoples’ attention as they pass by. They provide a cozy and warm feeling inviting people to come in. After decades of providing the best signage services to Colorado business owners, at BSC Sign, we have learned that nothing works better to take advantage of Xmas shoppers than an illuminated business sign.

neon channel letters in Colorado
Stand out in winter with an illuminated business sign.

Types of electric signs

Electric signs allow your company to stand out and catch the passerby’s eye, especially in the dark or in harsh winter weather. BSC Signs produces all types of electric signs including Neon, individually illuminated letter signs, LED signs, and lighted sign cabinets.

Of course, it is essential to go over a few aspects like where you plan to install your illuminated signage. That could help in determining the best materials, signage type, and electric system to use. Also, the kind of structure it will require to stay attached firmly and safely.

You also need to consider your primary goal or signage purpose. Illuminated signs come in a wide range of shapes, types, colors, and materials, which can be adapted for both interior and exteriors purposes.

The most popular illuminated commercial signs among Colorado business owners are:

  • Reverse Lit Channel Letters
  • Front Lit Channel Letters
  • Push Thru Signs
  • Blade Signs
  • Neon Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Pole Signs
  • Electronic Message Centers
  • Routed and Backed

Contact BSC Signs today, and take advantage of the Holidays. Install a brand new electric sign and light the path to your shop for Xmas shoppers.

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