For Sale: CLN Auto Bender and Notching Machine

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BSC Signs has a CLN Channel Letter manufacturing system for sale. It includes everything you need for automated creation of flawless channel letters from aluminum coil stock. The system was purchased new from CLN of South Florida in 2014. Manufactured in the U.S.A.! It includes:

  • CLN Model 2010 Notching Machine
  • CLN Auto Bender
  • CLN Software (Windows)

These machines are in excellent condition and in good working order. The CLN Auto Bender quickly and accurately creates letters with smooth curves and precise corners, and allows you to create letters up to 12″ deep.

$25,000 USD

Pick-up is preferred, but we can arrange to ship the units anywhere in the United States or Canada. For more information please send an email to: or call the BSC Signs office at 303-464-0644.

BSC Signs
7245 W. 116th Place
Broomfield, Colorado  80020

CLN 2010 – Notching Machine

See the CLN 2010 product information page on the CLN website for technical details and a video about this unit.

CLN 2010 Notching Machine

CLN 2010 Notching Unit

CLN Auto Bender

This unit works in tandem with the CLN 2010 Notching Machine. It precisely bends the notched aluminum stock into the letter shapes specified in the DXF design file. Its operation is completely automated. The operator feeds the notched panels into the Auto Bender, and the machine automatically creates the letters.

CLN Channel Letter Bender

This video shows a CLN notching machine (similar model) and the CLN Auto Bender in operation. The video starts with stock material being notched, then transferred to the Auto Bender for creation of the letter shapes.


Equipment Manuals

Manuals:  CLN 2010 Notching Machine and the CLN Auto Bender.

Shop Photos

Here are some photos of our CLN Auto Bender and Notching Machine in the BSC Signs shop, along with some finished letters.


Updated 02/15/2020: This post will be deleted when the unit is sold. If you’re reading it, then it’s still for sale! 
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