Blade Signs

Blade Signs project out from the front of a building so that passing traffic and pedestrians can easily identify your business. They’re usually two-sided and are mounted perpendicular to the store front. Blade signs come in a great variety of styles and sizes, and are often illuminated, either internally or with spotlights.

BSC Signs creates premium quality custom blade signs that are extremely well built and reliable. We use high quality materials that will stand up to Colorado’s harsh winters and hot summers!

Push-thru signage
Blade signs can use a variety of creative sign making techniques, such as illuminated channel letters, push thru acrylic letters, neon, or a combination of methods. The style used should match the building’s architectural style and the type of business. A blade sign for a bar or restaurant in an entertainment district could be unique and unusual, compared to a more conservative design for a bank.

Blade Signs solve an important problem for retail businesses — how do you capture the attention of pedestrians walking by your business on a busy sidewalk? A blade sign is the answer, as they can be easily seen by anyone walking by. Depending on local sign codes and the building style, a small blade sign may be installed in addition to a large illuminated sign.

You can see more examples of our Blade Signs in our our Gallery Section.