The ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act, which is a landmark piece of legislation designed specifically for making businesses accessible for people with disabilities. The act covers a variety of permanent signage on a business property that has to be in line with ADA guidelines. Since these signs have a specific purpose, you need experts in the field for design and fabrication. These signs make it simple to find your way around a property and increase accessibility for all visitors.

Where You Need ADA Compliant Signs

The primary purpose of ADA signs is to help people easily navigate through a property and you can use them in various locations such as:

  • Entrances and Exits – Each of the entry and exit points on a business’ premises need to be marked clearly
  • Permanent Rooms and Offices – All permanent rooms, including offices, closets, and mechanical spaces must be marked with room identification 
  • Elevators – Elevators need to be clearly marked with ADA-compliant signage
  • Facilities – Signs should direct people towards facilities, such as restrooms

Why You Should Choose an ADA Sign Expert

Making sure that your business is ADA compliant is more than just a good idea; it’s required by law. The signs mentioned above are only a few examples of ADA-compliant signage that need to be put up in public spaces in your business. It’s advisable to work with a signage specialist who can help ensure that every room is covered because there are specific standards when it comes to the design and production of the signs.

The team at BSC Signs can help you understand the requirements and provide high-quality, perfectly designed, and durable ADA signs. Contact us today to get more information about your signage options.

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