A Custom Pylon Sign Will Elevate Branding Potential

Pylon Sign

Marketing starts from the moment a potential customer walks past your building. A custom pylon sign is a classic exterior sign solution that increases visibility from afar. You’ll notice pylon signs used for office parks, corporate complexes, shopping centers, plazas, or malls that need to house multiple businesses under one brand umbrella. Our team loves to think outside of the box, helping clients create exterior signage solutions that are impactful, effective, and creative in style and function.

What is a Pylon Sign?

Custom Pylon Sign
Don’t be afraid to play with shape and form to elevate the branding potential of your pylon sign.

Pylon signs, also known as pole signs or freestanding signs, are usually mounted on a single or double pole structure. They stand tall, often near the road, providing a highly visible marker that will guide, direct, and attract customers. A pylon sign is designed with your brand in mind while leaving space to advertise other businesses located in the development or complex. 

They are a highly effective marketing tool that can get your brand out there in front of your target customers. While most think about creating the right visual for the cabinet and box signs placed on top of the pylon pole (or in between in a two-pole structure), we love to take our design one step further. We consider the big picture, and that includes the pole itself.

The pole that carries the signs can also be customized and designed to be architectural, sculptural, and part of your brand identity. We work with you to find the right shape, materials, colors, and installation techniques.

How to Make Your Pylon Signs Stand Out

By adding your unique branding and logo to your signage, you can boost your brand visibility. Every time a potential customer passes by, your signs increase the chances of them remembering your brand. From here, you can generate more leads and increase your sales. 

Make your pylon signs stand out as much as possible by using bright and bold brand colors. You can also add LED lights to your pylon sign to make them stand out above the crowd. LED-illuminated pylon signs provide an eco-friendly solution to your marketing strategy. Your signage will have 24/7 visibility and be seen even on the darkest days and throughout the night. 

Creative Custom Pylon Sign Design

There are no rules when it comes to creativity. A pylon sign is classically a pole with a cabinet sign placed on top, advertising one or multiple businesses. However, there is no reason you can’t play with the classic form and the shape of the pylon sign, like the pylon signs example above. Anytime you can break from the norm, disrupt the status quo, you will increase visibility and make people stop and take notice. If you are going to boast that you are the “creative district,” you better have some proof to back it up, like an ultra-creative take on a classic pylon sign.

At BSC Signs, you have full creative control over your signage. Get in touch today to get a fully customized pylon sign for your business.

BSC SIGNS is an award-winning full-service licensed sign contractor and custom fabricator based in Broomfield, Colorado. We design, build and install signage for businesses and organizations in Denver Metro, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming. 

Full Window Frosted Privacy Vinyl for Offices

Frosted Privacy Vinyl

In the new era of open-concept offices, co-working spaces, and at home remote work, it’s important that your employees are able to maintain their privacy while also feeling connected to the rest of the team. Business owners and managers have started opting for frosted privacy vinyl to help prevent workers from feeling too exposed, but without boxing them away in stuffy, isolating cubicles. 

Frosted Privacy Vinyl
Etched frosted glass created branding and privacy.

What is a Frosted Privacy Vinyl?

These vinyl products are manufactured so they have a translucent, frosted appearance that allows light and shadows to come through, but also keeps the interior of the space private. They are used across residential and commercial spaces, from bathroom windows to glass office doors, exterior windows, and conference rooms. These types of vinyl can also be easily removed or replaced thanks to the versatility of the material itself. 

Frosted privacy vinyl also provides multiple benefits for workers in a variety of different office departments and configurations. These benefits include:

  • Fast installation and less disruptive to the daily workflow
  • Useful across interior and exterior windows
  • Accommodate a variety of customizable features and designs
  • Perfect for one-way window privacy 

For business owners and office managers, frosted privacy vinyl is also the perfect solution to issues with productivity and concentration. Instead of separating off your employees from one another and creating an old-school, cubicle-style office space, the strategic application of these vinyl allows people to focus and to get work done while still feeling connected!

Get Inspired

If you want to maintain an open-concept workspace at your business, while still providing the privacy that employees and clients need from time to time, reach out to BSC Signs today to learn about our frosted privacy vinyl solutions.

BSC SIGNS is an award-winning full-service licensed sign contractor and custom fabricator based in Broomfield, Colorado. We design, build, and install signage for businesses and organizations in Denver Metro, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming.