Should I get a Channel letter business sign installed?

Non-illuninated channel letters

Channel letters are a standard 3-D graphic that stands out in your potential customers’ mind. They are big, bright, cool, elegant, versatile, and intriguing. They are an incredible option for business owners.
Channel letter signs can be installed for indoor and outdoor purposes, making them amazing options to present your brand and logo. At BSC Signs, we have been working and installing all sorts of channel letter signs, all over Colorado and we have learned how effective and flexible they can be. We usually divide them into two categories.

Types of Channel letter signs

Front lit-Channel letter sign

Channel letter sign
Channel letter signs are elegant and cool outdoor sign options.

Front lit channel letters are the most common type of channel letter. A sign using this lettering features lights that illuminate through the face of letters, a logo, or other shapes. This is accomplished by using a translucent acrylic face, colored or with a vinyl overlay, and a form of internal illumination. The light source can be LED, neon, fluorescent, or almost any other form of lighting.

Another trend uses all of these elements except the face, leaving the letters ‘open’ and the light source—commonly neon or incandescent bulbs—exposed. There are 5 main components to a front lit letter:

  • Back: usually .040” aluminum
  • Return: the side of the letter, usually 5” deep .040” aluminum. This material comes standard in a wide range of colors, but can also be custom painted
  • Face: 3/16” white or colored acrylic
  • Trim cap: The band that attaches the face to the return. This material comes in a range of standard colors that match or contrast the return and can be custom painted as well
  • Illumination: LED lights are the most common, but there are many different options

Reverse Lit-Channel Letter Sign

Reverse lit channel letters, sometimes called halo lit letters, are a type of channel letter that emits light from behind the letters, logo, or shape onto the surface they’re mounted on. These channel letters are usually mounted off the wall with studs or a raceway so the lights inside can cast a glow around each letter from the back.

There are 4 main components to a reverse lit letter:

  • Back: 3/16” clear polycarbonate
  • Return: the side of the letter, usually 2.5” deep .063” aluminum. This material comes in a mill finish and is custom painted
  • Face: 1/8” aluminum custom painted to any color
  • Illumination: generally LED, but it can be one of many other types as well

A well-designed channel letter signage can provide amazing results for establishing your brand or a new product. Contact BSC Signs today and learn more about Channel letter signage.

How to keep a brand-new looking business sign?

Colorado weather can be fierce and unpredictable. Its extreme weather changes can easily take a toll on your outdoor signs. As a business owner, you want to make sure that your commercial signage remains projecting your brand with efficiency. An inoperable sign is useless and the best way to prevent your business from wearing out along with your sign is running comprehensive sign maintenance services.

Preventing signage deterioration

Maintenance signs in Colorado
Maintenance is vital for efficient and safe business signs.

Running a successful business is a 24/7 task. There are so many and different steps, procedures, issues, elements, and projects to take care that it is quite common for business owners to overlook their signage maintenance. After decades of providing the best commercial signage services to Colorado citizens, at BSC Signs, we have learned that most of our customers don’t realize they have signage issues until it is too late, and they will require more elaborate and expensive repair solutions.

In order to keep your business signage displaying a powerful and effective image of your brand, products, and services, it is important not to overlook any minor sign of deterioration. Running regular and comprehensive maintenance on your signage will allow catching any issue in time, saving time and money.

Reading deteriorating signs

Your business sign is the very first element when building a relationship between your brand and your potential customers. Any little detail counts and a poor looking sign will provide a poor brand image. Even a burned bulb can leave the wrong impression.

At least once a week, check your commercial signs and make sure it is properly lighted and all electrical connections are working well. Look for any sign of fading colors or peeled faces. There is nothing worse than looking at a sign that can’t be read because of missing letters.

Another common issue is forgetting to update it. The business world has a fast-changing rhythm and business owners tend to forget to update the business hours, phone number, website, or any other important details that are normally changing in businesses.

If you notice any minor issue on your business sign, it is imperative to get it fixed as soon as possible. Whether you need electric sign repair, neon sign repair, electronic message center repair, or LED sign repair, BSC Signs has the experience and training to fix any issue your sign may be facing. Contact Us today and learn more about signage maintenance.