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Monument Signs

Monument Signs are the large entrance signs generally found in shopping centers and multi tenant locations. These signs are great for exposing multiple tenants to the public along major roadways when the building may not be visible enough for traditional on building signage to be effective.

Monument signs usually contain a base that is built from many types of materials: Brick, Stone, Metal, Concrete, ETC. BSC Signs in recent years has been using a faux stone product that is made from urethane foam but has the appearance and feel of real stone, even from direct contact with the product. This allows us to do all the “masonry” work in our shop and transport a complete sign to the job sign for install usually in less time than it would take to arrange the necessary contractors to build a real stone base.

The main portion of a Monument sign is generally composed of a Cabinet Sign, but many custom monuments incorporate other signs types, including: Front Channel Letters, Reverse Channel Letters, FCO Letters, Push thru Graphics, Routed and Backed, as well as EMCs to allow advertising by the individual tenants within the shopping center.

You can find some examples below, and view more in our Gallery Section.


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