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Cattivella Italian Restaurant

18th of April 2017 |   BSC Signs


"Complimenti! " (congratulations) to Chef Elise Wiggins and her team at Cattivella Wood-Fired Italian restaurant in Metro Denver. Wednesday April 19th is their official opening, and what an exciting day it will be! Imagine the buzz of activity as everyone does their very best to make opening day memorable for their guests.

Cattivella is located in the new Eastbridge Town Center in Stapleton. Cattivella means "naughty girl" in Italian, and that name captures the fun atmosphere of this new dining experience. The restaurant features a wood-fired pizza oven and wood-fired grill. 

We'll share a little more about the highly anticipated opening, but first we want to tell you about the signage. Here at BSC Signs, we're very pleased to have had a role in the restaurant's branding. We created the exterior on-premise signage for Cattivella, which included a blade-style illuminated sign, and rear halo channel letters that display the restaurant's name on the side of the building.


The blade sign is internally illuminated and has push-thru letters. The internal LED bulbs fill the letters with light, creating a beautiful glow. 

Cattivella sign

Here's a shot taken in the shop during construction of the blade sign. Have a close look at the letters and you can see that they are illuminated from inside the sign cabinet. We call this a Push-Thru style of sign. First we create letters out of clear acrylic on our CNC Router table. Our CNC operator then cuts matching letter-shaped holes in a metal panel. The letters are inserted into their matching holes and then fixed into position. LED lighting is placed inside the cabinet behind the letters, which creates a beautiful effect at night. You really have to see it in person to appreciate the translucent glow of the letters!

Cattivella sign in BSC shop

Blade signs have a long history, going back hundreds of years. Traditional wooden blade signs can be simple painted wood panels, or handcarved in wood, or even sandblasted for a deep 3D effect. Our take on blade signs is to improve on the original design by adding internal illumination and 3D elements. We make our blade signs bright, bold, and colorful!


The advantage of blade signs is that they can be easily viewed by anyone passing by a business on the street. For Cattivella, we also installed 3D letters that were attached to the brickwork on the front wall. The channel letters are custom built, have internal illumination, and are installed a few inches in front of the wall. The front letter faces are opaque, but the back of each letter has clear acrylic, allowing the internal LED lighting to be directed back at the wall. This creates a beautiful halo effect.

The "Cattivella" letters have white halo lighting, and the red letters have red halo lighting. It makes for a striking effect at night, while having excellent daytime visibility. Together, the two types of signage make the business very visible and attractive to passing traffic and people walking by.  

Cattivella sign

When we're working on the concept for a sign with a customer, we use drawings to help everyone visualize what the sign will look like once installed. Here's the final artwork for Cattivella's wall sign. Once the customer is happy with the design, they'll sign off on it and our designers will then prepare shop drawings. They're the "sign blueprints" that our fabrication team uses to build the signage to exact specifications.

Cattivella drawing


Prior to deciding to open her own restaurant, Chef Elise Wiggins was at Panzano in downtown Denver. She left that position last year and has been working on opening Cattivella. The restaurant has been generating a lot of advance buzz around the Denver food scene, and is one of the most anticipated restaurants to open this year. Check out the headlines from local media and have a look at the preview articles in Dining Out Denver, Denver Westword, Eater Denver, or Zagat. We expect to see a lot more media attention once food writers begin to visit Cattivella. 

Cattivella media articles

If you'd like to try out Cattivella for yourself, have a look at their menus and make a reservation by calling 303-645-3779. They'll also be offering private dining, catering, and will even host Italian cooking classes in the restaurant. We'd like to wish the Cattivella team the very best on their opening day and in the months to come, as Denver discovers this new destination for Italian food!

Cattivella is located at 10195 E 29th Drive in Stapleton. You can follow Cattivella on Facebook and Twitter. Their website is


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