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Sign Maintenance 101

14th of December 2016 |   BSC Signs
How to keep your signs looking their best.


Are your signs in good condition? Here are a few ways to keep your signage looking good and doing its job — advertising your business, all day, every day.


BSC Signs provides maintenance and servicing for all types of signs, including electric signs, LED signs, electronic message centers, and neon. We provide service in Metro Denver, and from Colorado Springs to southern Wyoming. We also do business in Colorado's mountain towns and ski villages.

One of the common questions we're asked is if we can fix an older sign that another company installed. Yes - we can service any type of sign, even if another company built and installed it. BSC has a fleet of crane trucks, bucket trucks, and vans, and we take pride in taking care of maintenance requests as soon as possible. 



Did you know that with periodic maintenance, neon signs can operate for decades? Many neon signs become nighttime landmarks, so your customers and the community will notice if part of the sign isn't operating. If you have a classic neon sign that needs some TLC, we can help.  

This short video shows a neon sign in need of repairs, and a few other signs that could use some attention. 


One easy way to keep your signage looking good is to immediately replace any burned out bulbs. Most of the signage we build at BSC Signs these days uses long-lasting LEDs for illumination. They will run for an incredibly long time without any maintenance, which saves money for building owners. But some styles of signs do require fluorescent bulbs or incandescent lamps for illumination. Here are some photos of signs that need to have bulbs replaced. If you want your business to stand out, keep the lights on!

In this first photo a bank of fluorescent bulbs is out on the right side of the sign. And even though it's daytime, customers will still notice. This is particularly the case during the winter months when days are shorter and light levels are much lower compared to summer.

Fluorescent tube is out 

In this next photo you can see a big sign that's missing some of its illumination. If you are leasing space in a plaza or shopping center, be sure to notify the property management company if any bulbs need replacing. 

Lights out on large sign


A broken sign is bad for business. Winter storms with high winds can put stresses on old signs, and they can sometimes get damaged. In this photo a dimensional letter has snapped off its post. In this situation it would be worth considering replacing all the letters at once. Our BSC crane trucks easily reach this height for an efficient repair. The important thing is to call and schedule the work right away, and not let it sit for weeks or months. Your customers will notice! 

You may also want to consider upgrading your sign, instead of doing repairs. For example, in some cases it may be possible to add illuminated channel letters to help draw attention to your sign. 



Are all the sign and poster spaces on your building being used? BSC Signs can create custom graphics for an empty poster frame, or replace a sign that is damaged or missing. You could also consider upgrading an illuminated sign from fluorescent tubes to LED modules, to improve the brightness of the sign and eliminate the need to change bulbs. BSC has done some major LED upgrade projects for national restaurant franchises.

Missing Sign Content 


So there you are — a few ideas for keeping your signage looking good. If you have any questions about sign maintenance or need a quote on a sign project, please give us a call. One of our sign consultants would be happy to answer your questions or arrange for a site visit.  Our website also has a section on sign repair and servicingTo schedule maintenance or sign repair please call us at 866-223-0101, or contact us via email


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