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Remembering the Mile High Magic

30th of October 2016 |   BSC Signs

BSC Signs helps re-create the Magic of Mile High Stadium 

Bringing Back the Mile High Experience

If you're a long time Denver Broncos fan, you have many great memories from the seasons played at Mile High Stadium. It was home to the NFL's Broncos from 1960 to 2000, when it was replaced by Invesco Field at Mile High for the 2001 season. During their 40 year run at Mile High, the team won two Super Bowls (1997/1998) and six conference championships.

Now all those seasons have been recognized and brought back to life with the creation of Mile High Monument. It's a small scale replica of the original stadium, built on the exact spot where Mile High was located. BSC Signs is honored to have been selected to contribute signage and a very special sculpture for this new Broncos fan experience.

Mile High Monument

The "mini Mile High" will definitely bring back memories for Broncos fans. It includes seats from the original stadium, photos of great plays from team history, a statue of "Barrel Man", an LED video board for viewing historic games and plays, and other memorabilia and reminders of all the great years the Broncos enjoyed at Mile High Stadium. It's open for fans to visit on game days, and it can booked for special events.

It also includes a replica of the original huge sign that fans looked up at everytime they came into the stadium.  Our assignment at BSC Signs was to re-create that original sign from Mile High Stadium, which you can see in this photo from 1994. 


Before we share the details of what BSC contributed to the project, here's a video from NBC 9 News in Denver that gives an overview of the project. It was broadcast on August 18, 2016, which was media day — just before Mile High Monument was officially opened to the public.

Scope of the Project

We worked closely with Mortenson Construction, the prime contractor for the Mile High Monument project. BSC was asked to contribute four main items: a replica of the Bucky statue, a set of blue "Mile High Monument" 3D letters, three multi-color 3D metal ribbons, and some metal flags which were placed at the top of the sign.

These elements were installed on the scoreboard sign at the entrance to Mile High Monument. The sign structure itself was part of the mini stadium construction, and includes an LED Display on the field side of the sign.  BSC's contribution to the project was managed by our architectural design and fabrication division, BSC Custom Architectural & Lighting.

Here's a photo of the completed project items in the BSC shop.


Our design and fabrication team re-created the old Mile High sign using some modern sign making techniques. The first step was using a CNC router to cut the large letters out of a thick sheet of acrylic. They were then finished and painted. You can see that the metal ribbons have some curves, just like the original ribbons. Once the fabricators had completed the ribbons, they were sent to the paint shop for finishing.

Ribbon and letters being fabricated 

Creating the Replica Statue of Bucky 

Did you know that the original statue of Bucky was modelled after Trigger, Roy Rogers' famous horse? According to the stadium website, the statue was installed in 1975, stands 27 feet tall (including its base), and weighs 1,600 pounds!

The design team at BSC Custom had an interesting challenge —create an accurate replica of Bucky but at a much smaller size and within a limited budget. Statues are often cast in bronze, which is a complicated and costly process, so an alternative fabrication method was preferred.

For this project our BSC Custom team applied its value engineering approach. They created a high quality replica statue using 3D modeling software, sculptural foam, a CNC router, and a lot of artistic skill. The result is a statue that is a beautiful tribute to the original Bucky.

Here are a few photos showing the fabrication process. The blue foam pieces were cut out on the CNC router from a 3D CAD drawing, then the pieces were temporarily assembled and shaped. Once the team was happy with the design, the foam pieces were attached to a steel frame. 


Then the long process of filling, sculpting, and finishing began. Bucky is a key part of the Mile High Monument project, so there were site visits from Broncos management and Mortenson Construction to check on the progress. Once everyone was happy with the design, the final step was the application of paint and a hard shell finish that will withstand the extremes of Denver's seasons.

Applying paint to the statue

Bucky's Media Moment 

Once the finishing was completed, Bucky was ready for his big moment! 

The installation was a done in front of the cameras on a special media day, organized by the Denver Broncos. The crew had already installed the letters, ribbons and flags earlier in the week.

A crane truck was used to raise Bucky into position while installers fastened the statue into place. Our install team did a great job of working under pressure, with photographers and TV news crews recording the event. We really appreciate the job our team did under the spotlight! Bucky is the signature piece for the Mile High Monument, and we are very proud to have re-created this iconic statue. 

Mile High Monument Installation

Mile High Monument installation

Mile High Monument installation

And after months of planning, design, and fabrication, Bucky was installed and the project was complete. 

Mile High Monument 

Media Coverage

The Broncos held a special media day for the launch of Mile High Monument, and the local TV stations covered the event — we showed you the story from NBC 9 News. Broncos TV also produced a video of the launch day, and the Denver Post published an in-depth article and a video of the launch day.  

If you'd like to see an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the construction of Mile High Monument, take a look at this special program called "Mile High Monument: Behind the Build", hosted by Jim Saccomano. It was broadcast on Comcast CET. Watch for the shots of Bucky and the signage we installed! 

A Monument to Broncos Fans

With the Broncos season underway, fans are now able to take in the Mile High Monument experience on game days. For those diehard Broncos fans who have stuck with the team through thick and thin over many years, this mini Mile High replica helps them look back on some great memories.  And as Broncos fans ourselves, we're very proud to have been involved in this project. We'd like to thank all of the talented BSC team members who helped make this memorable project possible.  And next time you're at a game, take a walk over to Parking Lot J and have a look for yourself! You can check on the Mile High Monument page on the Broncos website for visitor information. 

Mile High Monument

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Photo credit: 1994 stadium photo by Drive-In Mike from Independence, MO, USA (Mile High Stadium) [CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


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