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Time For a New Sign?

17th of April 2016 |   BSC Signs

When Broomfield business owner Warren Stott needed an upgrade to his signage, he brought in BSC Signs to do the job. Is your on-premise signage up to date and effectively promoting your business?


A few weeks ago, Metro Denver computer shop owner Warren Stott arrived at his store and noticed something very different. As Warren describes it, sign ninjas had clearly been at work! A BSC Signs installation crew had arrived very early that morning and installed the newly upgraded sign for F1 Systems. From now on, people will know the name of the business and what services are offered. They're located at 7510 US Hwy 287 in Broomfield. 

F1 Systems New Sign 


Repairing and upgrading desktop and laptop computers is the main service at F1 Systems. When they started fourteen years ago, the focus of the business was on computer sales. While the business changed over time, the sign on the building still said "Computers", and it didn't display the name of the business. So as part of a corporate refresh they decided to upgrade the sign to include the company name and services.  Here's a photo of the old sign.



After the initial phone call to BSC Signs, a sign specialist visited Warren's business. The existing sign was inspected, photos were taken, and some signage options were discussed. 

The cabinet and electrical components of the existing "Computers" sign were in good condition, so it was decided to simply replace the sign face. The next step was preparation of a concept illustration that was emailed for approval. These drawings are prepared for every project to show the business owner how the installed sign will appear. 

 After a few days the replacement sign face was ready to go. One of our BSC Signs installation crews replaced the old sign face with the new one, completing the job. 

BSC Signs Concept Drawing 


Every day, many thousands of potential customers drive by Warren's F1 Systems computer shop. Its location on busy Hwy 287 in Broomfield provides excellent exposure to passing traffic. Over time, local residents build up an awareness of local businesses through the familiar signage they see every day. They might not need a laptop repaired right now, but sometime in the future they're very likely to need some help with their computers. When that time comes, there's a good chance they'll stop in at F1 Systems.

Just like thousands of local businesses, F1 Systems relies on its signage for its primary form of advertising. They do have a website and Facebook page and participate in local coupon mailers, but most of their business comes from signage and word of mouth referrals.  


If you own a business with on-premise signage, when's the last time you looked at it with a critical eye? Does it still describe your main business focus? Does it look dated and weathered? Does it continue to stand out among competing businesses in the area?

Your signage works for you 24/7/365, so keeping it up to date can have a large imact on your sales. If you have an older sign that's in need of a modern refresh, it's worth taking a look at the options for either upgrading the sign or replacing it with something new.

For example, some businesses could take their on site advertising to a new level with a state of the art Electronic Message Center digital sign. Another popular upgrade is changing over illuminated signs to LEDs. They're energy efficient and provide a very even illumination of the sign face. And for some local businesses, a custom channel letter sign can help them compete with national franchises by giving them a very bright, bold, and professional appearance. 

Here's a photo of a sign upgrade project BSC Signs did for Jack in the Box restaurants. In this project, the fluorescent lighting in the signs was replaced with LEDs.

Sign upgrade for Jack in the Box restaurants

If you're not sure if your signage is effective, please give us a call. We'll send out one of our sign experts to have a look and help you with some design ideas.

And if you need some work done on your computers, now you know who to contact! The phone number for Warren Stott at F1 Systems is 303-464-0011.  

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