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Creating a Bottle Cap Sign for Bad Daddy's Burger Bar

3rd of January 2016 |   BSC Signs Team

BSC Signs created a unique bottle cap style sign for the new Bad Daddy's Burger Bar location in Littleton, Colorado.


A Unique Sign for a New Bad Daddy's Burger Bar Location

It's big, it's bold, and people stop and stare! We could be talking about one of Bad Daddy's spectacular burgers (check out the photos on Instagram), but we're actually referring to a very special sign we recently installed. It's not every day you see an eight foot wide interior sign in the shape of a bottle cap! We created this sculpted 3D sign for the new Bad Daddy's Burger Bar location in Littleton, and it's getting a lot of attention from the restaurant's guests.

To give you a better idea of its size, here's BSC Signs company president John Dobie at the official opening of the new location, standing by the installed sign.

Bad Daddy's sign


We really enjoyed creating this sign for Bad Daddy's, who wanted a unique signature piece for their newest location in Metro Denver. We delivered a sign that will add to the fun and friendly atmosphere guests experience when they visit this new Bad Daddy's location. We'll tell you more about the sign in a moment, but let's start by telling you a bit more about Bad Daddy's. Have you visited one of their locations in Metro Denver?

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar — Now in Four States

This sign project was for the Bad Daddy's location in the Southwest Plaza on W. Bowles Avenue in Littleton. It opened on January 1, 2016 and is the 6th location in Colorado and their 16th location overall. Bad Daddy's began in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2007. Since then they've expanded to South Carolina, Tennessee, and here in Colorado. They've recently become a Colorado company, 100% owned by Good Times Restaurants Inc. of Golden, which acquired Bad Daddy's in 2015. 

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar specializes in chef driven gourmet burgers. On the food side, they offer interesting gourmet burgers (buffalo, anyone?), starters, sides, and chopped salads. And on the beverage side, they're known for their lineup of local Colorado craft beers, along with "fresh squeezed" cocktails, wine, and shakes. They've been very well received in Metro Denver, as you can see on Yelp's review pages. Food writers like them too. Have a look at their website for their locations and menu.  

We created a large neon sign for Bad Daddy's Southlands Mall location in Aurora when it opened in 2015, and another signature sign for their new Landmark location, so we were very pleased to be asked to contribute signage for their new store in Littleton. 

Neon sign

Designing and Fabricating the Sign

When we first discussed the project with Bad Daddy's management, they were very clear about the overall look of the sign. It should be an interior sign about 8 ft. x 8 ft. in size, and be inspired by the Bad Daddy's logo and have the classic bottle cap look. That was a solid starting point for our production team.

Once we fully understood the creative vision Bad Daddy's had in mind for this project, our creative sign designer Rico went to work on some drawings. Creating 3D models is one of the first steps we take on many projects. Businesses really like to see how the finished sign will look, so we will usually create 3D drawings to illustrate the sign in its setting. You can see in the 3D drawings below that the sign includes a rustic wooden board and 3D letters that extend out from the top of the bottle cap surface. The materials and specifications for those features were worked out at this stage. 

If you're familiar with Bad Daddy's or have visited the website, you'll see that the sign is inspired by the company logo, which features a stylized bottle cap. Around the shop our team called this project "the bottle cap" — and creating that complex 3D shape was an interesting challenge! 

BSC Signs 3D Drawings

Sculpting a Sign in 3D

You can see in this close-up photo of the finished sign that it has a lot of depth and has complicated, flowing curves. So how would it be possible to create that shape? The first idea was to construct the large bottle cap shape out of sheet metal. And while it would have worked well, it would have been quite heavy and require many days of fabrication, adding to the cost of the project.

Bad Daddy's sign details

Our design and fabrication teams got together and looked at some options. Based on previous experience with a new style of creating signs, they settled on a 3D sculpting technique that worked out very well. The material used for the bottle cap is a dense sculptural foam, which is available in large, thick sheets. After converting the original design drawings to router files, our CNC operator was able to precision cut the complicated design using a computer controlled CNC Router. The plan was to use finishing techniques to make the sculptural foam look like faded metal. Just like a real, old-fashioned bottle cap! 

The bottle cap sculpture had to be built up with multiple sheets of foam, like a layer cake, because of its overall thickness. Once the sculpted sheets of foam were ready, they were assembled, carefully aligned, and bonded together.

Assembling the layers  

The next step was to carefully fill in the gaps between the layers and fill any small holes in the foam caused by the routing process. After much filling, sanding, and shaping, the bottle cap had smooth contours. 

Fabricators working on the bottle cap sign

 Before final painting and assembly could begin, the bottle cap sculpture needed a smooth and non-porous surface. A resin based gel was smoothly and evenly applied over the entire surface of the bottle cap and allowed to harden.

Finishing processes begin

Then it was time for some color! The design called for a weathered metallic look for the rim of the bottle cap. Specialized painting techniques were employed to give the appearance of a rusty metal surface. Here's a photo of our painter Dan getting ready to add some more color.

Painting the bottle cap

 And here's a close up of the faded rusty bottle cap effect. Color and appearance had to be just right!

Bottle cap surface


Just a couple of steps were left. The Bad Daddy's text was CNC routed on a wooden panel and hand painted. Bad Daddy's staff had planned ahead and set aside some of the rustic reclaimed wood that was used in the restaurant, and we used a large plank for the sign, giving a perfect match The 3D letters for Burger Bar were cut out of Sintra board on the CNC Router and carefully painted. The pieces were then attached to the bottle cap face, which completed the assembly of the sign. Here you can see the finished sign, ready for installation. Looking good! 

Completed sign

Stand Out With Unique and Memorable Signs

We'd like to recognize our design and fabrication teams for their outstanding work on this project. They used some creative new sign making techniques which worked out very well. You can see that a sign like this really is a unique piece of sculptural art, but with a practical purpose. We're very happy with the way it turned out, and seeing it prominently displayed in the new Bad Daddy's Burger Bar location is a reward in itself for our team.

If you live in Colorado Springs, watch for a new Bad Daddy's Burger Bar location coming to the Promenade Shops at Briargate. We're looking forward to creating the signage for that location as well. 

At BSC Signs we work on an amazing variety of signs, from traditional styles to very modern designs. It makes our production facility a very creative place to work!  One of the reasons we describe some of our projects in detail here on the blog is to show our customers what can be achieved with new techniques and approaches. We hope it inspires you to work with us on some creative ideas for your next signs.

You can see photos from many of our previous sign projects in the gallery section of our website. And if you have an idea for a unique sign, please give us a call. We're ready for our next design challenge.


Bad Daddy's Burger Bar sign


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