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Project Spotlight: Jack in the Box Restaurants

26th of July 2015 |   BSC Signs Team

BSC Signs recently upgraded the exterior signs at sixteen Jack in the Box restaurant locations in Metro Denver. In this post we take a close look at the retrofit work done at the Jack in the Box in Broomfield.


Did you know that Jack in the Box was the first restaurant chain to offer drive-thru service, way back in 1951 when they opened their first location in San Diego? Back then you could get a hamburger for only 18 cents!

They've come a long way since then. Today there are more than 2,200 Jack in the Box locations in 21 states. They also operate over 600 Qdoba Mexican Grill restaurants in 47 states and Canada. Other firsts for Jack in the Box were the breakfast sandwich, and salads to-go.

First Jack in the Box restaurant

Jack in the Box 1960s

The historic photos on the company website show just how much the look of the franchises have changed over the years. And as the company continues to fine-tune the look of their restaurants, BSC Signs was recently involved in a major sign project for Jack in the Box regional franchises in Colorado.


Like many large national franchise operations, Jack in the Box employs large national sign companies to plan and maintain their signage across the country. CNP Signs and Graphics, based in San Diego, manages signage for Jack in the Box restaurants, and they were the primary contractor for this project. 

They selected BSC Signs to complete the sign upgrades at many of the Jack in the Box locations in Colorado.

2015-07-27 1236

This project involved a retrofit of existing signs at sixteen locations in Metro Denver and nearby cities. That's a lot of signs, and it kept our install crews busy for over two months. BSC Signs is one of Colorado's largest full-service sign companies, and is able to take on projects of this size while continuing to install and service signs for other customers.

Jack in the Box exterior building sign

A major part of the project involved swapping out the existing fluorescent tube lighting fixtures in the exterior signs. They were replaced with energy-efficient LED lighting. And as you'll see in the photos below, the signs were given more of a 3D look with the use of some creative sign techniques. At some of the franchise locations, a canopy was installed over the drive-thru area to protect customers from the elements. And at other locations work was done on the directional signs and menu boards. 

To show you what's involved in a job like this, we tagged along with a BSC Signs installation team in July 2015 as they did the retrofit work at the Jack in the Box location on 136th Street in Broomfield.


BSC Signs truck


Our BSC Signs installers at the Broomfield location were Trevor and Butch, each with decades of sign installation experience. The restaurant remained open throughout their service work, so customer safety was their top priority. They were also working quickly to help the restaurant minimize interruptions to the restaurant's lunch and dinnertime traffic.

The first step was to do a site check and decide where to start. The work at this location involved upgrading four large illuminated exterior signs.

Jack in the Box sign


Jack in the Box sign

The crane truck was brought into position on the west side of the building and the first sign was removed from the wall and brought down to the ground for servicing.

Jack in the Box sign

Jack in the Box sign being serviced


The installers had a kit with everything they needed for the retrofit. The first step was to strip away the existing fluorescent tubes and electronic ballasts. They then went to work installing the LED lighting strips, which provide a very even illumination in exterior signs. The LEDs also have the added benefit of being extremely energy efficient. This is important to businesses when you consider that their signs are on for many hours each day, especially in the winter months.

The LED illumination has also proven to be durable and reliable in Colorado's harsh climate.

LED installation


After installing the LEDs in the interior of the cabinet, the installers' next step was adding LED lighting to the rear-facing part of the sign. This additional lighting will add a softly lit halo for the sign by illuminating the wall behind it. The original installation had aligned the sign flush with the wall, so this new design also called for stand-off brackets to be installed, which allowed for the installation of the rear LEDs.

The brackets bring the signs out a few inches away from the wall and allow the newly installed LEDs to create a halo effect.

LEDs on rear panel

Installing brackets on sign


After all of the electrical connections were completed and checked, the installers began reinstalling the sign. This involved drilling new anchor holes in the wall for the stand-off brackets. Then once everything was ready, they brought the sign up on the lift and securely fastened it in place. The electrical connection with the building was reestablished and the sign was ready for testing.

Ready to be installed


The final step was to ensure that the sign was working properly. When the manager flipped the switch inside the building, the sign lit up brightly on both sides.  The installers were then able to complete the final step of putting the outer sign panel back on.

That completed the first of the four signs at this location. They were able to use the crane truck to do their work on the remaining three signs without having to park too close to the building, so that customers could continue to come in and out of the restaurant. Here's the first of the four signs, with retrofit complete.


Jack in the Box upgrade is complete


This project for Jack in the Box was just the latest that BSC Signs has completed for national companies. We regularly install signs for many large corporations at their Colorado locations, ranging from Panera Bread to Comcast, Red Robin, and Firehouse Subs. If you'd like to see some feedback from our customers, have a look at the many positive comments we've received on Sign Search, where we're rated #1 in Colorado.

Sign Search


And finally, thanks to the friendly staff at the Jack in the Box in Broomfield for offering our crew cold drinks on a hot summer day! Our retrofit of the sixteen Metro Denver locations is now complete, and you'll see the upgraded signs in operation during your next visit to a Jack in the Box.

The only thing remaining for me is to visit the Broomfield location late one evening and take some photos to show how the signs look after dark. And while I'm there I just might try a Sriracha burger and get a Jack in the Box antenna ball ...

  • Working with this company has been a joy. We bought two signs for our new business, and John was right there from design through install. Everyone who sees the sign comments about how great it is. See for yourself at I would recommend these guys for all of your signage needs.


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