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Project Spotlight: the Boulder Reservoir

10th of February 2015 |   BSC Signs

We love Boulder Reservoir. It's not just a water supply, it's also a recreation area that residents from Boulder and beyond can enjoy. That's why we were excited and honored when they approached us about creating a one-of-a-kind sign for the reservoir.

It's a place we all know of, but how much do you actually know about it?


The 700-acre multi-use facility is owned and managed by the city of Boulder and operated by the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District.

The city of Boulder bought the land for the project on what had been a dairy farm owned by the Alexson family. Construction of the reservoir was completed in 1955 after nearly a year of work, with a total budget of $1,158,027.

It’s More Than Just Water

While the purpose of the Boulder Reservoir was originally for the practical use of supplying drinking water, its other attractions quickly became apparent.

During its first year of operation a festival was held to celebrate the 4th of July, and 140 cars paid the twenty-five cent admission fee to be able to enjoy the new reservoir.

By the 1980s, facilities were expanded to meet the needs of the popular space, with the addition of a Quonset Hut, outhouses, and a concession stand.

Today, the facility is outfitted with anything a person could want in the pursuit of leisurely activities: boat moorings, a beach for swimming (life guards are on-duty seasonally), restrooms, showers, a horseshoe pit, a snack food concession stand, as well as an access ramp for motorized and non-motorized watercraft.

Our community continues to respond enthusiastically to the beauty of the area as well as the amenities provided; drive out to Boulder Reservoir during the warmer months and you will see people of all ages coming together to enjoy water skiing, fishing, picnics, running, boating, swimming, and cycling.


Humans are not the only species to make use of the Boulder Reservoir. The facility is home to many different types of birds and mammals, such as the beautiful Osprey. You can enjoy a visit at any time throughout the year; however, please be aware that at certain times, various sections of the property may be closed to visitors to protect the habitat and nesting wildlife.

Practical Uses

Today, the reservoir supplies the Boulder area with 20% of our total drinking water. Interestingly, the reservoir is usually at capacity by June, and drained to half of its 13,270 acre-feet capacity by September.

Impacts on the Community

If you haven’t been to the Boulder Reservoir, why not stop by and see for yourself what this multi-purpose venue has to offer?

In a society where we find ourselves increasingly busy, the unique beauty of the reservoir not only gives us water, but a fantastic space for slowing down and making many quality memories.

It is a place for the community of Boulder to come together; it is city owned, enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, and proudly supported by businesses like us! Here's to keeping the Boulder Reservoir working swimmingly for many more years to come!

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